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What are bettypads?

Just started your period or feeling underwhelmed by those big, clunky pads you’ve been wearing already? Don’t fret, bettypads are here! Trust us when we say you’re about to start an exciting new stage in your life – and we’re here for you all the way.

You can find tons of advice here at to support you during puberty, from the colour of your period blood to sprouting facial hair and body odour all the way through to friendship, love, mental health or even revision, but we’ve also created *the* comfiest, coolest pads around!

There’ll legit be no more shuffling down the school corridor convinced that everyone can tell it’s your time of the month. And here’s why…

So, what actually are bettypads?

It’s time to talk you through bettypads because you’re going to want to pop one in your pants asap. The good news? They’re going to fit like a dream and make you feel confident from day one! Why? Well, we noticed that there weren’t any organic sanitary products for superstar young girls like you so we created a range of products tailored to fit growing bodies. We’ve shrunk down the size of our pads so they actually fit your knickers, meaning you feel totally protected and super-comfy throughout your period.

Have they got any special, shiny new features?

Hell-to-the-yeah! bettypads have a real bamboo top sheet (unleash your inner panda, girl), a super-absorbent 100% organic cotton core, a biodegradable base AND a biodegradable wrapper so you can stay eco and snug at the same time. You can also forget about those dreaded leaks because our pads have helpful wings that wrap around your knickers and stop your pad sliding around in your pants. We’ve also flipped a digit at the whole ‘normal’, ‘super’ and ‘maxi’ system. Instead, our bettypads come in simple sizes one to four.


Erm, how do I find my fit?

We get it – comfort is queen. Finding the right size pad to fit you is one of the most important parts of your period situ. No one wants to feel like they’re wearing their kid sister’s nappy, amiright? Check out our helpful sizing chart to find your fit.

And how do I use them?

It’s pretty common for most girls to start with pads. While some people are Team Tampon from day one, others are Team Pad their whole life. It’s just about finding out what works best for you and trust us, bettypads are cooler and cleverer than they look. The sticky wings hold them to your underwear, they lock in fluids, prevent leaks and are as comfy as your fave granny pants. They are also soooo easy to use!

1. Peel open the white tab and remove the pad

2. Stick in the middle of your knickers with the longer part pointing towards the back

3. Flip the wings around and stick them to the outside of your knickers

Cool, I WANT THEM! How do I get my hands on bettypads?

There are a few different ways, all equally awesome.

Why not personalise your periods with our pick & mix box? You get to call the shots! Whether you have a heavy flow, are on the lighter side or are a hygiene queen, you can choose a total of 25 day and night pads, liners and wipes in your box each month to suit you. It can also be altered each month to give you maximum flexibility – whether you’re going on holiday so want some more wipes to keep super fresh, or planning a sleepover so want a couple more night pads to keep leaks at bay.

Another way to get your mitts on bettypads is by signing up to bettybox. Haven’t heard of it? Firstly, where have you been? Secondly, it’s the subscription box of dreams! Every month, pads and tampons from your fave brands (including bettypads), plus scrummy snacks, cult make-up, cool stationery and so much more are sent directly to your door in time for your period.

Love the sound of betty? We love you, too. Welcome to your happiest period yet.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome. 

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