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Where does a tampon go?

No one, no matter how sorted they seem, is born knowing where to put a tampon. It might sound simple – just unwrap it and pop it in, then skip about as happy as Betty Cooper on exam results day – but let’s be honest: it is actually kinda daunting. Even once you’ve got your head around what kind you want to try, there’s one big question on every tampon-newbie’s lips: where do you insert a tampon? Knowing where to insert a tampon is a crucial part of actually managing to use them, but don’t worry: read our handy guide to work it out, and then you’ll be set for a sanitary towel-free life!

Where do you put a tampon?

OK, it’s time to get a teensy bit technical. The outer part of a woman’s genitals is called the vulva, and the biggest hole is called the vaginal opening. It leads to your vagina, which is the passage between your cervix (entrance to your womb) and the outside world. It’s where your bleed from during your period, and so that’s where the tampon needs to go. Did you know that there are actually three holes between your legs? One where wee comes out (the urethra), one where period blood, vaginal discharge (and babies!) come out (the vaginal opening), and one where poo comes out (the anus). So which hole does a tampon go in? The vaginal opening!

How do I find my vaginal opening?

If you’re still wondering, “Which hole does a tampon go in?”, get ready to investigate for yourself! It’s a great idea to be familiar with your own body anyway, and having a look can only help you on your journey to becoming a tampon pro.

Find somewhere you won’t be interrupted, grab a small mirror, pull down your knickers and take a seat. Place the mirror between your legs and have a look. Gently pull the lips of your vagina apart and you should see a small bump at the top (that’s your clitoris), a small hole just inside the lips (that’s your urethra, or pee hole), then a larger hole (that’s your vaginal opening). Bingo – that’s where the tampon goes! At the bottom is your bum hole (or anus), but you probably didn’t need us to tell you that.

What if I put it in the wrong hole?

Simple: you can’t. Your pee hole is much too small for a tampon to fit in, and the strong muscles of the anus mean it would be really difficult to get one up there. The moistness of your vagina (especially during your period) mean that a tampon should slip inside without too much struggle.

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