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10 kinda healthy ways to cram a bit more chocolate into your life this month

Quick! Guys, It’s National Chocolate Day! Are you ready? Are you warmed up? Have you done your stomach-stretching exercises?

By which we mean, are you eating chocolate at every possible opportunity, to get yourself ready for The Big Chocdown? WELL? If not, get on it. On no other day (apart from Easter obvs) do you have the perfect ready-made excuse to go the full Bruce Bogtrotter on your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention snacks. And drinks.

But you know – being a chocoholic doesn’t even have to mean eating yourself into a Dairy Milk coma. Here’s how to eat chocolate for every meal, AND get some vitamins in at the same time.

1. You could have chocolate porridge

Or vegan fudge brownie oatmeal, to be specific…

2. Or chocolate overnight oats

Which, as we all know, is just cold porridge – because why not mix up your Ready Brek.

3. Chocolate granola

Which is like… crunchy porridge.

4. Chocolate flapjacks

Look chocolate and oats just go really well together, is what we’re saying.

5. Chocolate babka

Babka experiment using Holly's Challah dough — can't stop eating it. ??

A post shared by Alexandra Stafford (@alexandracooks) on

A ‘babka’ is twisty Jewish yeasted cake, otherwise known as another legitimate way to eat chocolate for breakfast. Get on it.

6. Chocolate sourdough

Sourdough Noir: because bread and chocolate are made for each other. New recipe today. ???

A post shared by Emilie Raffa (@theclevercarrot) on

Because this is so much classier than just spreading Nutella on your Hovis.

7. Chocolate-spiked vegetarian chilli

Seriously – the dark chocolate gives your veggie chilli richness. Which is kind of the opposite of that time you spent all your money on Milka on the first day of the school French trip.

8. Chocolatey Mexican chicken mole

Your fave bird laced with smoky, chocolatey sauce… this Mexican stew is a whole other level of spring chicken.

9. Chocolate avocado mousse

Only when you’re even eating cocoa with your avocado do you know you’re really doing it right.

10. Chocolate roasted chickpeas

If Maltesers and hummus had a baby, this is how it would look… Weird but gorgeous. Get snacking.


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