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What to watch this weekend: 13 Reasons Why

If you don’t have Netflix, now might be the weekend to “borrow” your friend’s login. Whoops, sorry we meant to say “buy an account”. Silly us.

But seriously, the new show 13 Reasons Why dropped last night on Netflix and it might be worth a little skullduggery to watch it. Based on the novel by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why is a sort of psychological thriller that follows Clay Jensen, who receives 7 cassette tapes (I know, I know, who the hell uses tapes anymore – but stick with me) from Hannah Baker, a girl in his class who has recently committed suicide.

The tapes are passed on to the 13 people on her list, all of whom somehow contributed to her decision to take her life. It’s pretty dark, but it has some important messages about high school and how your actions can affect others without you even realising it.

And they’ve released the whole series at once, so none of this waiting for a new episode each week nonsense *cough* Riverdale *cough*.

“Borrow” away!


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