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11 shiny new pencil cases for under a fiver

The new school year has started! And if you haven’t got a brand new set of pencils, pens, rubbers, protractors and a new pencil case then OMG what have you been doing with the last week of your summer?

Don’t worry (although we are judging you and your stationery shopping skills), because we’ve found 11 crazy-cute pencil cases for you to snap up. Plus, they’re all under £5…


Thought the banana theme had peaked at the banana inflatable? Think again. This fluffy, fruity little number will brighten up even the longest of lessons with its capacity for laughter, innuendo and pens.

Be Happy

Sure, it’s a tad trite — but god knows, when you’re nose deep in the disintegration of the Weimar Republic, you need all the help you can get in reminding yourself that this hour will end, just as the Weimar Republic ended, and almost certainly not as badly.



Mi-pac pink glitter

I use this for make up, and I have to say this candy-sweet, shiny number fits the bill far better than old-lady leather cases. It’s wipe clean, easily detectable amidst the murky depths of my school bag, and fits a lot more inside it than you would ever think it could.

Orange juice carton

Despite the most convincing of appearances, this is for stationary only: pens, pencils, a 15cm ruler, rubbers — maybe even a protractor if you’re feeling saucy. It’s certainly big enough, though not hugely accessible, being y’know, a square fruit juice carton*

*does not contain oranges. If you’ve juice coming out of this, you’re doing this all wrong.

Banana milkshake carton

I see your juice carton pencil case, and I raise you… a banana-scented milkshake carton pencil case! Yes, really. It’s the same size as the juice one, and it comes with added smells.


They are the seafood of the season — and with good reason, because these guys are delicious, nutritious, AND they hold both pencils and pens. What skills.

Cath Kidston trailing rose

Let’s face it: we do so much on our laptops/ipads/phones these day, we barely need pens or pencils and suchlike. Go slimline with a ‘skinny’ pencil case, and buy an Oreo Cornetto with the extra £3.


Sure, you can get this in Ryman’s — but on Amazon there is a deal whereby you can get a lego pencil case and novelty Lego erasers so…

Clear and personalised

Not the most exciting on this list, granted. But as the number and frequency of exams in your life increase, your patience with transferring all your pens out of a banana into a clear plastic sack will drop rapidly — and this clear pencil case will have your name on it. Literally.

Field roll

A pencil case for the parents this: practical (the leather tie allows the case to adjust in size), and made of the durable, won’t-stain-easily khaki canvas. Yet there’s a free-spirited camper feel to it that will appeal to you too, if you’re into that kind of thing.


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