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32 thoughts you’ve had since you’ve been back at school

The whole back to school thing is always weird – you’re excited to see all your friends again, but not excited to actually be back in classes. You want this term to be different, but also kinda the same. But no matter how your first week back went, you’ve probably thought some of these things at one point or another.

1. I’m going to wake up half an hour earlier so I can do yoga before school.

2. Oh, but it’s so warm under my duvet.

3. I’m just going to snooze my alarm once.

4. Fine, twice.

5. Three times is my absolute maximum.

6. Crap, now I’m late.

7. The fourth snooze may have been a mistake.

8. Oh well, surely sleeping is more relaxing than bending my body in weird directions and trying not to fart.

9. Has school always started this early?

10. Oww, Caroline got one of those Bardot fringes I want.

11. So did Stacey.

12. And Hannah.

13. Maybe I don’t want one now that everyone has one.

14. Nah, I definitely still want one.

15. The thing I miss most about holidays is having constant access to the fridge.

16. This term, I’m not going to eat my lunch at morning break.

17. Fine, I will today but only because I’m starving. Tomorrow, I’ll definitely save my lunch until lunch time.

18. I’m so tired. I’m used to my daily nap.

19. You should be able to nap at school like you can in pre-school.

20. Woah. There’s something different about Sam – is it the clothes? The skin? The hair?

21. Who cares – Sam is now officially HOT.

22. Ohmigod. Sam just smiled at me so I don’t even care that it’s lunch time and all I have left is a measly apple and a muesli bar.

23. Damnit. Katie got the same backpack as me for Christmas. Now we’re going to look weird when we walk next to each other.

24. I hope she doesn’t think I copied her.

25. Maybe she copied me.

26. HOME TIME! I’m getting into my pyjamas immediately and turning on Netflix.

27. Urgh, I forgot I had homework to do.

28. What sort of evil teacher gives people homework the first week back?! Aren’t we suffering enough?

29. Maybe I’ll do some yoga instead.

30. *PARP*

31. That fart was so loud our neighbours might have heard it.

32. Yep, I was right, sleep is definitely more relaxing.

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