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5 reasons why we’re obsessing over cleansing brushes

Sponsored by Magnitone

In case you haven’t already noticed guys, cleansing is our new favourite thing – especially now puberty is kicking in. Why? Because spots, dry blotches and greasy skin got the invite to our face party, which means taking care of our complexion now takes tiiiiiime. Time we don’t have when we need to watch season 2 of Stranger Things and Riverdale, so we’re loving any shortcuts we can find. Amiright?

Enter: skin cleansing brushes. These super sleek electronic devices give your skin an incredible cleanse in one quick whizz (you can even use them in the shower as they’re totally waterproof). The only downside is that they cost the equivalent of about two years pocket money, but here at betty we’ve got an early Crimbo present for you because you can enter our competition to win one instead!

Just follow @bettycollective on Instagram, like this post and tag three of your besties for a chance to get your hands on one of five Magnitone First Step Compact Daily Cleansing Brushes – oh, and a bettybox too because we’re nice like that.

Here’s why you should defo enter…

It’s skin brushing 2.0

You’ve probably heard about dry skin brushing. Your mum or sis might do it to their legs with a regular bristled brush, but it’s long and boring tbh. The skin cleansing brushes we’re crushing on are suitable for young skin and don’t take nearly as long. They also look way prettier on your bathroom shelf!

They’re totally efficient

Who wants a whole extra step in their cleansing routine? Not us. Ain’t nobody got time for that, not when we’re working on becoming the next Zendaya. Skin brushes aren’t some fancy shmancy extra ten steps you need to do; just use the brush instead of your hands to wash your face. Simple.

It feels so spa-worthy

These little babies give a really deep cleanse without any extra elbow grease (see previous point). The peeps at Magnitone have said that skin brushes are six times more effective than cleaning with your hands. Plus, they’ve been proven to unclog pores, tone and beautifully condition your skin. Winner.

You’ll get a natural glow

Skin brushes give your face a gentle massage which helps to increase blood circulation. More blood flow and oxygen means a smoother, more glowy Hadid-sister-like complexion. And if you’re into a fake glow (sorry Mum for all the white towels we’ve massacred), skin brushes will get rid of any dead skin first to create a nice smooth base.

Dual purpose

We like things that have more than one purpose – two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, lipstain blushers, sporks… Use your skin brush to thoroughly remove your makeup by switching up the water and face wash for makeup remover. Easy peasy.

To be in with a chance of winning a Magnitone First Step Compact Daily Cleansing Brush, visit @bettycollective from 12th November. Terms and conditions apply. FYI, if you’re after a cleanser that’s even gentler, Magnitone’s Wipe Out Microfibre Cleansing Cloth is available in this month’s bettybox.

It’s time you started celebrating your period, guys. Sign up to bettybox RN and get all your tampons and pads, beauty products, sweet treats and loads more cool stuff delivered to your door, every single month. We know. It’s totally awesome.

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