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Cheap and cosy ways to make your bedroom more Pinteresty

Spring might be (apparently) on its way… but seeing as it’s still grey and gloomy outside, now’s time to make the most of the excuse to wrap yourself up in a duvet burrito, gather all of the snacks and binge-watch anything and everything that Netflix has to offer. But this kind of snuggle-based situation is infinitely better when your bedroom is looking cute.

And we’re not just talking ‘when you actually pick up all the clothes on the floor and move them into a neat pile on the chair’ kind of cute. We’re talking seriously cosy, mega comfortable and creative ways to turn your safe space and sanctuary into the ultimate photogenic #goals bedroom.

Here are eight super-easy, mega-cheap bits and bobs that are guaranteed to make your bedroom look like something straight off Pinterest.

1. Soften your fairy lights.

You’ve probably already got fairy lights hanging up somewhere. Right? Right. They’re one of the easiest, prettiest ways to create a chilled out, cosy atmosphere in a room. But rather than just hanging them up on their own, try draping some thin, floaty fabric over the top of them to blur their light a little. It’ll instantly feel less like Santa’s grotto, and more like a softly-lit wonderland.

Image credit: Urban Outfitters via Pinterest / Pinterest

2. Blankets blankets blankets.

Guaranteed to make your space feel instantly more snug, layered up blankets chucked across your bed or chairs can create the ultimate relaxing, hygge vibes. Opt for chunky, knitted styles in muted colours to stick to that cooler-than-cool Scandi trend – or if you’re feeling seriously creative then try knitting or quilting your own. (For tutorials see: where else? Pinterest).

Image credit: Decoist via Pinterest / Pinterest

3. DIY yourself a canopy.

Nab yourself a set of Command Hooks (they’re mega cheap, stick up by themselves and don’t leave a mark on the wall if you remove them), and position them up on the ceiling. Get hold of two short curtain hooks (also just a few pounds at your local hardware store), and drape some thin, floaty fabric to fall across and either side of your bed. Team this with the fairy light trick in #1, and VOILA – is this Rapunzel’s bedroom, or…?

Image credit: Pinterest

4. Washi tape is your new BFF.

Perfect for creating your own geometric wall art, making borders around mirrors and frames, or sticking your photos up with some extra texture, print and a splash of colour. Washi tape [link:] is amazing stuff; it leaves no trace if you peel it off carefully, and will open up loads of ways to decorate blank walls. It’s kinda like painting designs onto your wall, but without getting grounded until you’re a pensioner for doing it.

Image credit: Maiko Nagao via Pinterest / Over The Big Moon via Pinteres

5. Get green fingered.

We’re not talking huge, pricey bouquets of OTT flowers like all of the luxury bloggers have, either. A sprinkling of succulents or a couple of cacti look way cooler, are much cheaper, and effortless to keep alive. Then, go to town with decorating the pots or a little planter tray to match the theme of your bedroom – try marble painting, metallics or neon. Bonus points if you can make your own terrarium to hang. You botanical goddess you.

Image credit: For The Makers via Pinterest / MotleyCraft-O-Rama via Pinterest

6. Print off your own… er, prints.

A full print wall has got to be the ultimate Pinterest-worthy home look, but investing in so much artwork and having them delivered is gonna leave you with zero snack money. Priorities. Instead, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are all jam-packed with perfect inspirational quotes and pretty pictures that you can turn into a masterpiece. All you need is a printer, some cheap frames and those genius Command hooks again. You’ll have your own print wall (with your own prints that actually mean something to you) in no time, for next to no cash.

Image credit: Kate La Vie via Pinterest / Little Big Bell via Pinterest

7. Cool points for a clothing rail.

An essential for any fashion-obsessive, you can pick up a metal clothing rail for under 20 quid. Spend an afternoon picking out your favourite pieces from your wardrobe to hang especially on the rail, and it’ll instantly turn your space into a backstage runway hangout. Be selective with how many you choose to show (to stop it getting messy) and try to select pieces that co-ordinate – block colours, monochrome, embellishment detail and leather jackets all look particularly badass hanging up together.

Image credit: Burkatron via Pinterest / Pinterest

8. Finishing touches make all the difference.

If you’re on the quest for cosy but need to stick to a budget, then never underestimate the power of the humble cushion. Rather than forking out for new duvet sets when you’re craving a bedroom makeover, keep your sheets a clean and simple white, and just mix up your cushions instead. It’ll mean you can change colour schemes to suit your mood or the weather. They’re ridiculously easy to make yourself at home if you head out on a fabric hunt, too. Look out for Scandi-inspired prints, coloured velvets, off-key pastels and muted tones. Now, snuggle.

Image credit: Pinterest / The Room Alive via Pinterest


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