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9 things we wish we could sue our parents for doing on social media

Parents are embarrassing in real life, but they are, without question, at their peak cringe when they decide to engage with social media. If, by some lucky miracle, your parents aren’t on social media or haven’t worked out emojis yet, we strongly urge you not to teach them (though on the plus side, their social media cock-ups can provide a steady stream of LOLs).

But one 18-year-old from Austria has decided her parents have taken their digital activities one step too far – so she’s doing the only logical thing: she’s suing them.

Say what?

Yep. She’s suing her parents for posting embarrassing childhood photos to Facebook. In the last seven years, she claims her parents have uploaded more than 500 photographs of her as a child to the social network without her permission, and that it has made her life miserable.

They knew no shame and no limit – and didn’t care whether it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or lying naked in my cot – every stage was photographed and then made public


While lawyering up might be a pretty extreme response to public parental affection (whatever happened to just writing “GOD MUM YOU ARE SO EMBARRASSING GODDDD” underneath and slamming a few doors?), there’s no denying that parents + social media often = a whole heap of pain.

In case anyone else is looking for more reasons to go all Good Wife on your ‘rents, here are a few other social media mishaps that we wish we could sue our parents over…

1. Re-posting poems captioned “Share this if you’re a mom who loves her kids!!!!”

2. Liking three weeks’ worth of Instagram photos in one giant landslide of notifications

3. Putting kisses on the ends of tweets to nobody in particular.

4. Misusing the cry-laughing emoji on texts telling you your Grandma is in hospital.

5. Showing they’re angry with you by passive-aggressively refusing to like your photos, and expecting you to notice or care.

6. Excessive fear of The Man, leading them to periodically delete their accounts or post 500-word chain statuses about Mark Zuckerberg harvesting details on your favourite crisps and Netflix viewing habits to sell to terrorists.

7. Replying to everything Phillip Schofield says on Twitter, and genuinely expecting a reply.

8. Posting things in the voice of their pets. E.g. A photo of a dog with “I had a really hard day today! I went for a big walk in the morning and swam in the river, then rolled in some mud so had to have a bath when I got home. I met so many new friends! Now I’m home and cuddled up with teddy” on Twitter, and genuinely expecting a reply.

And our personal fave:

9. Referring to it as ‘The Facepage’.


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