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An amazing promposal, an awful Pepsi ad and Harry Styles saves the day: betty’s weekly round-up

The sun is shining, cherry blossom is blossoming and you can smell chocolate in the air… Easter is almost upon us!

If your school doesn’t break up until next week – we’re really sorry, that totally sucks. We suggest having another Easter egg to soothe the pain. But whether you’re already on holidays, you’re waiting for the clock to strike half three or you have another week to go, here’s everything we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week. Enjoy!

The Coca-Cola office rejoices

Pepsi’s latest ad has sparked outrage. The ad features Kendall Jenner at a photoshoot, where she sees protestors marching past and pulls off her blonde wig, wipes off her lipstick and joins the crowd of people to offer a police officer a can of Pepsi.

It looks like Pepsi was trying to capitalise on the current protest movement that has led to Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March and the anti-Muslim Ban protests… but massively cocked it up, basically. The ad seems to imply that a can of carbonated fizzy pop and a very white woman can solve the massive civil and political unrest that’s currently going on in the States and here in the UK. Pepsi has taken the ad down from YouTube and issued a statement saying, “We did not intend to make light of any serious issue.” Whoops.



After seeing Taryn Brumfitt’s film Embrace a few months ago, body-positive activist Megan Jayne Crabbe couldn’t get it out of her head. So this week, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a sign reading #IHaveEmbraced to help spread the message, and we are in love with everything about it. From her beautiful body to her wide smile and her utterly fabulous hair. Our bodies are our homes, let’s take care of them.

#IHAVEEMBRACED THIS BODY. This soft tummy, these dimpled thighs, these jiggling arms, this bare face. All the parts I never thought I could. Because I realised couldn't spend any more of my life seeing my body as the enemy, instead of my home. 💜 · A few months ago I saw the body positive documentary Embrace by Taryn Brumfitt of @bodyimagemovement and I fucking loved it. I mean, I was crying within the first 15 minutes, but I still loved it 😂 who else has seen it? I wanted to take my own #ihaveembraced picture to keep spreading the Embrace love – this isn't a sponsored or paid post or anything like that, I just think it's important to support bopo projects and this film really hit me in the feels! "Darling girl, don't waste a single day of your life being at war with your body… Just embrace it." 💜💙💚🌈🌞 P.s. I totally cheated and added the writing on this after because the one I wrote was a mess, no shame in my Paint game 😂

A post shared by Megan Jayne Crabbe 🐼 (@bodyposipanda) on

 How to be a grown up 

One of our betty writers and all-round wonderful human Daisy Buchanan has written a book, and we are So. Freaking. Excited. Daisy is funny and thoughtful and loves to surround herself with hilarious weirdos (the betty team included), and there is nobody better at dispensing big sisterly advice. How To Be A Grown Up will make you laugh and think and appreciate the beauty of making mistakes. Order it here now! 

Bell Hadid is proud to be a Muslim

In the latest issue of Porter, Bella Hadid spoke about her split with The Weeknd, how her mum is her hero, and about her faith.  “My dad was a refugee when he first came to America, so [President Donald Trump’s travel ban] is actually very close to home for my sister [Gigi Hadid] and brother [Anwar Hadid] and me,” she said. “He was always religious, and he always prayed with us. I am proud to be a Muslim.”

And when pressed about who she was dating, she shut the interviewer down like a pro. “I’m not really worried about what guys think about me, I’m just trying to be a woman!” Kudos, Bella.

The La La Promposal

What do you do when you left it to the last minute to ask someone to prom? You get a whole bunch of your mates together to rip off a song from a film that almost won best Oscar so that you can ask out the woman who actually won an Oscar. Duh.

Or at least, that’s what Jacob Staudenmaier did. Jacob’s from a town just around the corner from where Emma Stone herself grew up and decided to ask out his celebrity crush to prom. No word yet on her answer, but his video’s had almost 72,000 views – so who knows, maybe one of them was Em herself.

Stylesing it out

And finally – Harry Styles is the new David Bowie! His debut single is here and it is GENUINELY EVERYTHING. No really. We know, we were surprised too.

Listen on a loop and head into the weekend like…

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Image and copy: @LilyPesch

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