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Weird or wonderful? Here’s why American teens are wearing croissants to prom

We’ve always said, the most stylish accessories are ones you can also eat (what, we have) and so we’re thrilled at news of the latest prom trend sweeping* the US: croissant corsages.

*Ok fine, some people have done it a few times.

The craze started, like all good crazes, with an innocent misunderstanding…

But after it turned out that Sophie’s date wasn’t the first person to make that mistake (say ‘corsage’ and then ‘croissant’ in an American accent and you’ll see why) a few hilarious teens decided to turn the situation to their advantage and make it a thing. Because why would you choose to wear a flower on your wrist when you could wear a buttery, flaky pastry? You wouldn’t. Correct answer.

It’s the perfect snack for when you get hungry during all the limo selfies.

Plus the greasy residue doubles up as lip gloss! Très chic.

We so excited to see if croissant corsages catch on over here. Although normal corsages would probably have to catch on first, let’s be honest.

In the meantime we’ll just be over here, wearing a crêpe as a hat.

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