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Our favourite apps for singing sensations and wannabe superstars

Have you always dreamed of becoming a world-class voice-over artist with millions of YouTube subscribers? Or wow-ing the judges on the X Factor with your superstar performance? Or getting up on stage in London’s West End and blowing the audience away with your musical theatre skills? Well, we know the feeling!

That’s why we’ve collected together our all-time favourite apps to transform you into an all-singing, all-dancing superstar sensation. From apps designed to get you really good at comic sketches, like Dubme, and training you vocally, like VoCo Vocal Coach, through to those that are all about fun singing showdowns, like Sing! Karaoke.

Let us know if we’ve forgotten any of your favourites in the comments below.

Best for all-singing, all-dancing, all-EVERYTHING:

If you haven’t heard of already then, well, where have you been? Under a rock? Not to worry, we’ll fill you in. This free app is really fun, really addictive and really great if you’re an aspiring actor, dancer, singer, voice-over artist or YouTube sensation.

You can use it to do all kinds of things, from perform songs, lip sync and make your own sketches. To get started, just pick some music or a performance, then either sing or speak or just lip sync over the top of it – that’s just the beginning. The fun really starts when you’re editing it after because you can speed it up, slow it down, add filters, stickers, pretty much anything!

The other great thing about is it has a really strong community, so you can learn from others, follow your favourite stars and even get lots of followers yourself and become a star in your own right!

Download for iOS and Android phones.

Best for training your vocal chords: VoCo Vocal Coach

If you take your singing seriously and have something to perform or practice, this app helps you prep your vocal chords when you’re on-the-move. It serves up a bunch of warm-up exercises to your phone along with audio and visual demos, like scales and arpeggios, that’ll suit beginners, all the way through to more advanced singers — so you won’t outgrow VoCo, no matter how good you get!

There’s just one problem with this app — it’s iPhone only. Sorry Android users, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Download VoCo Vocal Coach for iOS phones.

Best for Android phone video editing: PowerDirector

There are plenty of great apps to hold your hand through songs, teach you the basics and allow you to lip sync. But what if you want to create videos of your singing, dancing and performances with a bit more freedom?

If you’ve got an iPhone you must, must, must download the iMovie app to play around with your video clips, chop them down and add music to them. But if you have an Android smartphone, it’s not as easy to figure out the best video app. Well, don’t worry, because this baby is here to make your life a whole lot better.

PowerDirector is a really good video editor but, unlike some other video apps, it doesn’t take long to get to grips with the basic controls and features. You can really quickly trim clips, arrange them in any way you like and get access to some cool transitions, too.

Download PowerDirector for Android phones.

Best for karaoke showdowns: Sing! Karaoke

If you love karaoke, then Sing! is for you. It’s karaoke for your phone, which means it’s a really fun way to sing-a-long with your mates, but you can also use it to have a vocal showdown with the Sing! community all over the world, or just sing solo to practice.

The app has more than 800,000 tracks all of varying skill levels, so whether you’re starting out or already at superstar status, there’ll be something there for you. You can record yourself and keep all of your tracks too, so over time you can keep tabs on your progress and see how you’ve improved. The best bit? It’s totally free!

Download Sing! Karaoke for iOS and Android phones.

Best for advanced harmonising: Sing Harmonies

If you’re at a more advanced level of singing, then Sing Harmonies could be your new app BFF. The goal of Sing Harmonies is, well, to do just that. It wants to teach you how to sing harmonies like the pros. It serves up lots of four part vocal arrangements that’ll help you to identify different harmonies at once, like bass, tenor, alto and soprano. You can turn the volume up on each separately to better understand how they work together — then sing them for yourself.

Unfortunately this is another iOS-only app, sorry Android-ers. But the makers of Sing Harmonies promise they’re making a version for you really soon. It’s also not free, you’ll have to pay £1.99 for this standard of vocal training!

Download Sing Harmonies for iOS phones.

Best for voice-over artists and silly dubbing: Dubme

Although you can use for funny dubbing videos, if voice-over and bad lip-reading is your favourite kind of performance, then get an app made specially for that. We love Dubme, an app that allows you to make tutorial videos, voice-over videos, create short stories or jump on the totally LOL-worthy bad lip-reading trend. As you’d expect, you can record your voice over all kinds of tracks, add music to videos and then upload your creations to YouTube easily afterwards.

Dubme is another iOS only app, but fear not Android-lovers. Dubsmash is a great alternative for Android users (and iOS users too if you’re not a fan of Dubme) and it’s super popular with celebs.

Download Dubme for iOS phones.

So there you have it. Whether you want to perfect your pitch or sing-a-long with other wannabe artists all over the world, this list should have you covered. Just make sure to share your creations and talents with everyone — but only when you’re ready, of course.


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