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Get up and go with our very favourite running playlist

Look, running is hard. Anyone that says differently is lying. It’s sweaty and tiring and there’s all this saliva in your mouth (seriously, what is that about?)… but it’s worth it, for the way you feel afterwards.

I need every bit of help I can get when I’m running. I need it to not be windy, I need it to be flat, but above all, I need a kickass playlist. A kickass, up-tempo running playlist.

There are some magical people who can listen to podcasts while they run and oh, how I envy those disciplined people. If I even attempt to listen to one while running, I just find myself looking down at my feet five minutes in and thinking, ‘Hey, you’re not moving as fast as you’re meant to.’ Then looking down five minutes after that and realise I’m leaning against a lamppost nodding along to a particularly sage point. Five minutes after that, I’m somehow eating smashed avocado on toast. Go figure.

So here’s my fave playlist to listen to when I run. Get out there and pound those pavements.

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