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betty brunch: Avocado toast and California dreaming

In a lot of ways, avocado is like the jeans of brunch. It’s a crowd pleaser, an easy option, a great fallback. But then in a lot of ways, it’s nothing like jeans; it’s mushy, delicious, healthy and such an aesthetically-pleasing shade of green. Metaphors are tricky like that.

Either way, this Sunday we’re stepping it up a notch. This isn’t just your regular avocado on toast with a bit of salt and pepper. We are talking toppings. We are talking herbs. We are talking spring in a mouthful.

There are a couple of great options in What’s Gaby Cooking’s spring avocado toast round-up, including asparagus and Parmesan, tomato and mozzarella and pea and mint.

Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try some of these recipes on The Kitchn that include some off the wall combos – like Mexican corn chips, or balsamic strawberries. Seriously.

And once you’re in a sunny state of mind and belly, why not continue the good vibes with this California Dreaming playlist? Flower crown: optional.


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