betty brunch: chunky granola and sweet, sweet tunes

I was late to the whole brunch thing. Not literally, but on a philosophical level.

I just didn’t get it. If I had a meal at 11am, was I meant to eat beforehand? If not, how the hell was I meant to get all the way to 11am without eating anything? And similarly, what happened to lunch? When hunger kicked in again at 3pm, was I meant to eat a proper meal, or was I meant to wait until dinner? I asked my friends these questions and they all just sort of shrugged as if to say: “I dunno, just shut up and eat your food.”

But thankfully, it was around this time that I discovered granola. Granola is a snack. Granola is a small breakfast or a large breakfast. Granola is, when sprinkled over ice cream, a dessert. And of course: Granola is brunch.

But above all, granola is delicious. And there is no better granola recipe than this one, from Jessica Murnane.

And while you’re crunchin’ on that sweet granola, why not feast your ears on these sweet Sunday tunes?

Happy brunching!


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