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betty brunch: granola breakfast tarts and the UK charts

You know the expression ‘it looks too good to eat’? I always thought that was a ridiculous phrase, because no food that was so beautiful that it should be spared the wrath of my molars.

Then I saw Pheebs Foods’ granola breakfast tarts, and I understood. Well, almost. I mean, it would be absurd not to eat them but I finally understand why someone might want to build an elaborate hydroponic chamber where this food would never age and they could stare at it forever.

Would I think this person was a little odd? Sure. But I would get it. That’s how stunning these granola tarts are, and not for nothing, they taste pretty lush too. Here’s the recipe so you can recreate/mangle it yourself.

And while you’re creating culinary magic, why not see who’s making magic in the UK chart? Tip: Sign of the Times makes especially good soundtrack for gazing at a beautiful breakfast. Watch for drooling.

Happy Sunday!

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