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betty brunch: smoothie bowl and smooth tunes

It’s been a long, hard week. The Easter eggs are all gone, and come Tuesday almost everyone had spot breakout, the official symbol of an Easter well spent.

So this Sunday we thought we might go a little healthier than usual and give our insides a bit of a break with this super simple smoothie bowl. It takes, like, a minute to make, it’s full of fruity goodness (remember fruit?) and it looks pretty enough to post on Instagram.

Take inspo from this berry smoothie bowl by Minimalist Baker, which you can personalise with whatever toppings take your fancy, or try our easy-peasy pineapple and banana version.

And now we’ve soothed your insides, let’s also soothe your soul with these smooth jazz tunes. It’s time to finally understand what Ryan Gosling was on about in La La Land.


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