betty brunch: spice up your life with cinnamon rolls

People put cinnamon rolls in the same category as croissants. The “sure it would be nice to have homemade ones, but I also quite like having a life and not dedicating my entire weekend to crouching in front of a hot oven for a pastry that will inevitably be less good than the ones I can get from ASDA” type of breakfast foods.

But no more! This recipe from Add a Pinch only has seven ingredients and while it takes an hour and a half all up, tbh a lot of that time is just waiting around for dough to rise so you can totally go back to bed for a bit if you fancy. AND LOOK HOW DELICIOUS THEY ARE. LOOK. They have icing and everything!

And while you’re baking your cinnamon scrolls, you might find yourself wanting to spice up your life a little more. Ginger won’t cut it, you need the whole gang. That’s right, pop on some 90s cult tunes from The Spice Girls and slow it down baby, you gotta have some funnnn…

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