betty brunch: The ultimate iced coffee and chilled hits

The summer starts out so brilliantly, doesn’t it? The sunshine, the Frappuccinos, the holidays, the Frappuccinos…

But then suddenly, it’s the first week of July and you’ve burnt through your entire allowance on frappuccinos. Luckily though, there’s a solution: you can make your own at home! It may not have the mystery green Starbucks lady on the cup, but that doesn’t mean isn’t Instagram-worthy.

Check out this recipe from Super Golden Bakes for what might just be the ultimate DIY iced coffee. Their Gilmore Girls-inspired creation isn’t for the faint of heart (it features condensed milk, coffee and whipped cream) – but it is delicious. And will definitely keep you awake.

Whip one up this weekend while listening to some chilled tunes, why don’t you? And – top tip – hold your thumb to the roof of your mouth to stave off the inevitable brain freeze.

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