Dance the pain away with betty’s ultimate period mixtape

Sure, you’ve got hot water bottles for your tummy, chocolate for your mouth and slippers for your feet. You’ve got this period thing covered! But what about your ears? Your wonderful, brilliant, seashelly ears?! Well, we’ve got you covered with betty’s period mixtape.

Happy listening! Also, soz about the period.

Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

For obvious reasons.

10 Things I Hate About You

The entire soundtrack from 10 Things About You is a period must-listen, because it cycles through pretty much every human emotion. But mostly angst.

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Because it’s beautiful and depressing af and you can weep as much as you want.

Mess is Mine – Vance Joy

Because lol.

Sexy back – Justin Timberlake

Because who says you can’t feel great when you have your period? Or even if you don’t, maybe you can dance some of the pain away.

I Hate You So Much Right Now – Kelis

Because there is no better song for pummelling a pillow while imagining your geography teacher. Or any teacher, we don’t discriminate.

All By Myself – Celine Dion

Because even if your parents have just gone out for two hours on a Friday night, there’s a certain point in your period where we are ALL Bridget Jones in her pyjamas.

Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis

Ideal for melodramatic wailing. Also: appropriate.

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

The ultimate song for whirling around dramatically in your nightie with massive unwashed hair, plus it counts as English revision. Probably.


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