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betty’s weekly round-up: the International Women’s Day edition

International Women’s Day was this Wednesday (8th March). It’s the day where we celebrate our sisters, our gals, our squad. The day when we wear our best feminist t-shirts and post quotes from our favourite poets. It’s a day to take stock and see how far we’ve come – but it’s also a day when we think about how much work there is left to do. Issues like equal pay and justice for survivors of sexual assault, and thinking about women half a world away as well as women here at home… it’s a day to feel the love, but also get fired up to change the world.

Here are some of our favourite things from 2017’s International Women’s Day.

Day Without a Woman

Loads of companies in the States went on strike on Wednesday in solidarity with the Day Without A Woman movement. It was organised by the same women who pulled off the Women’s March that took place in January, where 5 million people protested worldwide the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. A Day Without A Woman aimed to send a message about how much women are taken for granted in society – they’re paid less and expected to do more, both at work and at home. Netflix made a great clip to draw attention to the day.


Meanwhile, YouTube put together its own vid with the hashtag #hervoiceismyvoice. It took clips from some of the most incredible moments of the past year and all the amazing work that women have done (*cough* Viola Davis *cough*). It gave us all the feels and it made us freaking proud to be women.

The new sexy

Celebrities weren’t about to let this day go past without mentioning it. Emilia Clarke wrote an amazing piece for the Huffington Post and we’re a little in love. Choice extract: “I believe that it is every woman’s choice to be able to live her life how she sees fit… that all of us are girl-bosses and the power of the girl-boss is that we care a bit more about those around us.” You go girl. Read the whole article here.

Why we need to talk about periods…

Meghan Markle, an actress in the hit TV show Suits, also penned an article for Time Magazine about breaking the taboo around periods. In the developing world, periods often become a barrier for young women – they’re not allowed in classrooms when they’re menstruating, or even, sometimes, in their homes. Markle wants to change all that.

“When we empower girls hungry for education, we cultivate women who are emboldened to effect change within their communities and globally,” she wrote. And pftt, some people think the fact that she’s dating Prince Harry is the most interesting thing about her. Read the whole article here.

What women won’t tell you

Caitlin Moran took a different tack (obviously, she’s Caitlin Moran) with her piece for men’s magazine Esquire, which they republished this week. 12 Things Women Won’t Tell You About Being a Woman covered topics like periods, fear, wanking and carbs in her typically truth-bomb style. Kudos to Caitlin – because women helping women is a beautiful thing, but for big change we need to get men on board too.

Book fairies

Emma Watson was making magic again this week – only this time, she was leaving books near some of the iconic statues of famous women in NYC. There were other book fairies working their magic in London too, dropping some kickass books by some of our fave authors all over the city. Mischief managed.

You’ve got to Move It

Spring has FINALLY sprung, so you should too! Keep all the good vibes from this week going by heading down to MOVE IT 2017 this weekend. The weekend-long festival of dance at London’s Excel Centre features amazing dance classes and performances from incredible pro dancers, plus everything you need to bust a move. What better way to celebrate your body and everything it can do? Count us in. Literally.

Happy Friday, and remember: #neverthelessshepersisted


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