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Bradley and Ottavio’s X Factor chicken fight might be the most emotional thing on the internet

Feeling weepy? You’re in for a treat. The X Factor has crash-landed back onto our screens, and in between all the usual – proud mums, veeeeery sloooooow warbling, people who want to live their dreams or die trying – there came this total gem.

Emotional auditionee Ottavio, spilling all on his bust-up with former singing partner Bradley over some undercooked chicken. We’re #obsessed. And true, plenty of viewers accused the whole poultry argument of being faker than a silicone bra fillet – but we’d like to believe.

For one thing, the story contains so many key themes every modern teen can relate to. Friendship drama. Feels. Courageous sequin application. Health and safety.

It raises important life questions, such as: can true friendship overcome all obstacles? Even really bad diarrhea? Did Bradley give Ottavio pink chicken because he knew it was his favourite colour? Is this even about singing at all, anymore? And just how long SHOULD you cook chicken for?

And the fact that they patched things up to sing their way into the next round? Well that’s just the gravy on top.

Watch the whole saga here:

Oh, and the answers to those questions:

1. Yes.

2. Yes, as long as you make sure you are properly rehydrated.

3. Only Bradley truly knows, but Ottavio probably should have said thank you.

4. It was never about singing, don’t be silly.

5. 25 minutes per 500g, or until the juices run clear.

Image: YouTube/The X Factor UK

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