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“He still acts like he’s still 17”: 10 celebrity quotes about their dads

No one has a boring dad. Ok, so they may impose random rules. They might dance terribly and crack awful jokes and some may only be able to ‘make’ beans on toast, but dads are the also some of the oddest, most fabulous people in the world.

And apparently celebs feel exactly the same way about their papas. Here are nine famous daughters on their dads.

“He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal. So I only have my tattoos on my left side. I think he sees this as my Marilyn Monroe side, and he sees this left side as my Iggy Pop side.”

Not entirely sure Lady Gaga fully kept this promise to her dad…

“He has always provided me with a safe place to land and a hard place from which to launch.”

Chelsea Clinton knows there are some upsides to having a president as a dad (and not just Air Force One).

“My dad is my everything. He always had the craziest speeches for Kylie and me growing up, good words to live by.”

Caitlyn taught Kendall Jenner everything she knows.

“My dad actually makes the best cookies. My mum is great baker, too, but doesn’t share them – it’s tantalising! Luckily for me though, my dad shares his.”

As if Blake Lively’s life wasn’t perfect enough. Although what’s with the cookie hogging, mom?

“My dad loves to cook. I’m half Thai, and growing up, that’s all we ate in my house. My dad was very big on the idea that dinnertime and cooking time was also family time.”

Brenda Song’s dad is also a dab hand in the kitchen.

“My dad has more sparkly stuff than most men.”

I mean, he is Mick Jagger, Georgia May…

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised my true models are my parents. My mom is like a shero. My dad is so strong. I look up to my big sister and realise the influence she’s had on me and making me a better person. Having such a big, grounded family, I realised as you get older how important that is.”

Zendaya’s family sounds magical.

“I think my dad is a lot cooler than other dads. He still acts like he’s still 17.”

This, er… doesn’t sound too appealing actually, Miley Cyrus.

“My father was really good at having me stand on my own two feet, both financially and philosophically. His whole parenting philosophy was to give my brother and me the skills to be grown-ups and the curiosity to ask the right questions.”

Gwyneth Paltrow might be famous for her daft advice, but her dad’s parenting sounds totally sensible.

“My dad raised me with some good advice: ‘Always tell the truth. Always shoot from the hip. You might not have many friends, but you’ll never have enemies, because people will always know where you’re coming from.”

That is great advice, Pink’s dad.

And a bonus quote from an A++ dad…

“I was asked if I would speak at her graduation and I said absolutely not because I’m gonna be sitting there with dark glasses sobbing. She’s one of my best friends… She’s just a really smart, capable person. She’s ready to make her own way.”

Lucky Malia Obama. We’re sobbing right there along with you, Mr President.


Image: Getty/Katie Edmunds

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