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Things to do on Mother’s Day if you’ve got no £££

ATTENTION, PLEASE. Mother’s Day is on Sunday 26th March 2017. That is soon, my friends. #soon

Those who celebrate Mother’s Day know it can be lovely – but spendy. But celebrating your mum shouldn’t be stressful or a strain on your bank account, so we’ve thought of some free or cheap ways to spoil the mothers (and honorary mothers) in your life.

Cook her meal

It doesn’t have to be a three-course fancy event. Hell, it can just be breakfast in bed. Think about what your mum’s favourite meal is and a find a simple recipe for it – or, ask for the recipe. You don’t have to cook it by yourself, and you can ask someone (siblings, dads, even the leading lady herself although probs avoid it if you can) to help out. It’s the thought that counts, as they say.

Buy flowers (or cut some out the garden, if you dare)

It’s spring now (HOO-BLOODY-RAY, THANK THE GODS, PRAISE BE TO THE WORLD TURNING) so flowers are an easy gift. Flowers from an actual florist can be expensive, so don’t be caught up in the notion that cheap flowers from the petrol garage are bad. As long as they look pretty and came from you, that’s all that matters. Lil’ tip for you: make sure you choose a bunch that have some unopened buds so they last longer.

Make a card

Sure, we all love a super cheap 29p card from Card Factory. But 29p can also buy you a Freddo, so how about you make a card instead? Dig out the glitter and colourful card that you used to use as a kid and go wild. If you’re even more talented then get even more crafty and create a cross-stitch, a painting or something… pottery-based? Why not. If you’re lucky it might end up on the fridge.

Bake a cake

Again, you might need someone to help out, but cakes go down a treat. Or biscuits, or puddings, or flapjacks. You can likely find all the ingredients in your cupboards so barely any pennies need to be spent, and this is a present you can enjoy yourself too. Winner.

Go for a walk and talk

We’re talking about the end of March here, so with any luck it’ll be sunny and mildly warm. After you’ve scoffed the meal and cake down, hopefully with no food poisoning incidents, you could go for a walk. Just the two of you, three of you, or the whole freakin’ family. Have a catch up, make a wrong turn on purpose for an adventure, and take a million mum selfies. You could even have a picnic, though by ‘picnic’ we probably mean ‘Thermos of tea in a bus shelter when the rain starts’. Let’s not get too ambitious.

Have a homemade pamper night

Ok, it doesn’t have to be homemade, but if you have the time to make some face masks, scrubs, bath bombs or candles then GO AHEAD. You craft away, you talented little sausage. But shop-bought will also do the trick, and it’ll still be cheaper than anything spa-related Groupon can conjure up. Lay tealights around the bath, douse her in talc, paint her nails, and attempt to give a good shoulder massage (prodding your fingers about should do). The only thing missing will be whale sounds, but you can always homemake those too. I’ll leave you to practice…

Buy anything personalised

If you can spend the cash but don’t know what the hell to buy, a website selling personalised presents will always be the ticket. Find a cute photo or two and slap it on a mug, mousemat, or calendar. Who cares that we’re already three months into the year? She’ll be so touched she won’t even notice.

Create anything photo-related, tbh

Speaking of photos, just find photos. Sentimentality is a safe bet. Create a collage for a photo frame or be very 21st century (and free) and post it on Facebook. If your mum/mums/step-mum/nan is on Facebook then it’s an easy gift. Don’t take too long posting it, though. Guaranteed she’ll be refreshing her timeline from 7am and wondering why everyone but you is publicly worshipping their wonderful women.

Teach some life lessons

While you’re on social media, you can take this day to expand their horizons. Finally let your mum know that ‘af’ doesn’t mean ‘and finally’, and that the crying laughing emoji should never be used to announce a death in the family… (absolutely not speaking from experience here).

Change her passwords and take her phone

Not because of the social media faux pas (although if needs must) but to give your mum a break, especially if she’s self-employed. I am absolutely now speaking from experience here. My mum can’t ever switch off, so the most caring thing I can do is steal her shit and not let her have it back for the rest of the day. Role reversal. I’m only doing it because I love you, Mum.

Pick up YOUR phone

And finally, if you’re away from the ladies you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day then be sure to make some time to pick up the phone, or log into Skype. Don’t feel guilty for being away, but let them know you’re thankful for everything they do. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be extravagant – no matter what the media tells you. It’s just about showing some love.


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