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Cheesy baths, Zoella’s birthday and where do we belong: betty’s weekly round-up

Welcome to the weekend – Easter’s just around the corner and we can practically smell holidays in the air. Or maybe that’s spring. Or your brother’s feet. Whatever it is – we are on board.

Here’s everything we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week.

She’s a jolly good fellow

Zoella turned 27 this week. Obviously the whole day looks wonderful and Zoella and Alfie both made vlogs about it. Not that we watched both… twice. Whatever, they’re adorable. There’s a ridiculous cake, there’s a snapchat filter, basically it’s a birthday that only Zalfie could pull off.

Harlem Dance Theatre’s new video is on pointe

Bravo! Ballet is finally getting more diverse – the American Ballet Theatre have made Misty Copeland their first ever black principal ballerina, Michaela DePrince is speaking out about her incredible life and now the the Dance Theatre of Harlem is in the spotlight. They’ve recently teamed up with India Arie to create a short film about how important it is for children of colour to see people who look like them up on stage and it is so perfect and wonderful and ah, our hearts!

The internet is cheesed off

Two roommates at Oklahoma State University really pushed the bath out on weird viral sensations this week. According to BuzzFeed, the students made 56 packets of mac ‘n’ cheese, in a bath. Then they, er… got in the bath… because… um… well, I have no idea. No one has any idea. I’m 100% all in for being ridiculous – the teenager that called 911 because she didn’t want to go on holiday with her parents? Not a great use of emergency services resources, but hilarious nonetheless. 100 layers of makeup challenges? I’m going to watch the sh*t out of that. But I’ve got to draw the line somewhere, and this is it. Bathing in mac ‘n’ cheese is where I say enough. Like, imagine the texture. And what if some of it got… inside you. In-your-vagina sort of inside you. And the smell. Grossed out yet? You feta believe it.

Where do I belong?

Rachel Bloom, the writer and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and our favourite imaginary best friend, posted an essay she wrote when she was eleven on ‘The Need to Belong’ and it is pulling at all of our heartstrings.

“See, one of my major motives in life is to make people laugh. Sometimes I may come off a bit too strongly with the jokes, which passes me off as totally lame or a weirdo…” she wrote. In her caption she said, “This is how it feels to be the weird kid.  You want to fit in but you literally don’t know how.” Well Rachel, you’ve now got a hit Netflix show and you’re making people laugh. A lot. So hey, let’s all celebrate our weird.

The latest pad fad

We saved the best till last, guys. Just when you thought we’d reached peak unicorn, something comes out of the woodland and surprises you. We’ve got unicorn hair and unicorn french toast, so it was probably only a matter of time before we had unicorn sanitary pads.

Yep, that’s right. A brilliant Swedish company, Bravardt, have made rainbow-swirled pads that apparently change colour according to your mood. We’re guessing: blue if you’re calm, pink if you’re in love… and plain ol’ red if you’re cranky? Basically, it’s a 90s mood ring in your pants. Isn’t the 21st century wonderful?

Have a good weekend! X

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