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Weird or wonderful? Cloud eggs are Instagram’s new favourite breakfast

Oh look, it’s your new favourite breakfast inspired by a weather phenomenon! Move over, rainbow toast! Step aside… um… lemon drizzle cake? Actually no, because lemon drizzle cake would be an incredible breakfast. Can’t we make THAT a trend? No? Fine.

So today we’re here to talk about cloud eggs. These guys.

They’re made by separating the egg yolk from the whites and whisking the egg whites until they’re stiff (the way you make meringues), adding extra stuff like cheese and herbs, then baking them in the oven and topping them with the yolk (somehow managing not to break it) so they look like eggs again. Imagine a kind of savoury, cheesy, marshmallowy meringue. On toast. Mmm.

Now, it’s hard to ignore that in terms of effort, cloud eggs are about 500% more demanding to make than eggs that don’t look like clouds. You could crack an egg into a frying pan and be eating it in the time it’s going to take to unearth the electric whisk from the back of a cupboard and clean the old cake batter off its prongs.

And we all know the real reason that cloud eggs are a thing. It isn’t because they’re a delicious, nutritious and convenient way to eat eggs – it’s because they look ahhmayyzing on Instagram.

Or at least, some people’s look amazing on Instagram. Other people’s look like… this.

Done a #cloudeggs but not very successful😅

A post shared by Lee ZiQin (@l_ziqin) on

So, yeah. Cloud eggs! Have a go! Or don’t, it’s fine. Because if you really cba but still want the weather on your breakfast plate, there’s always good old sunny side-up.  

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