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Just 21 really cute bits of stationery to make revision a bit more enjoyable

Are you suddenly drowning in a sea of sticky notes? Having nightmares about colour-coded mind maps? Convinced that you’re going to fail every test you ever take for the rest of time? HOORAY, welcome to the joys of exam season.

Yep, the time has come for us to all bury ourselves in ten feet of textbooks and spend five hours a day highlighting things that we don’t even understand, and honestly, we’re not sure we’re ready for revision to arrive.

But y’know what’s the one, every so slight, teeny tiny good thing about the months of revision lying ahead? It does give you an excuse to go out and buy yourself a tonne of cute new stationery to make the whole thing more bearable.

From marble cases to sassy pencils and a whole load of dreamy notebooks, here are 21 awesome bits of stationery to turn your dreary desk into a happy place.

1. For when you’re so brainy that you gotta put it all down on paper.

Ohh Deer Bright Ideas A4 Notepad, £4.99, ASOS

2. For when you wanna get sassy during science.

Flocked pencils set, £6, Urban Outfitters

3. For when history needs to get a little more holographic.

Holographic Crox Texture Pencil Case, £8.99, New Look

4. For when your weeknight plans are ‘revise, revise, revise’ (but at least you can make ‘em look Tumblr).

Cool Cacti desk pad, £12, Ohh Deer

5. For when you’ve eaten all your revision snacks but you’re still thinkin’ ‘bout food..

Hot dog stapler, £10, Urban Outfitters

6. For when you realise maths is meant for mini milkshakes.

Oh K mini milkshake scented erasers, £4.50, Utility

7. For when you’re proud to be a crazy cat lady in all subjects.

Coloured cat highlighters, £4, Paperchase

8. For when you wanna be Instagram goals in I.T.

Marble pencil case,  £7.99, ASOS

9. For when exams are a thumbs down but your stationery is a thumbs up.

Thumbs Up sticky note set, £12,

10. For when you’re in need of a miracle tbh.

Amazing Things Will Happen notebook, £4.95, NotOnTheHighStreet

11. For when you need to get off YouTube and actually do some work.

Stop Faffing A5 desk pad, £5, Paperchase

12. For when you have to get down to some very, very serious business.

No Probllama furry llama notebook, £12, Paperchase

13. For when you’d rather use a cactus than a calculator.

Cactus pen, £4.99, ASOS

14. For when you’re the kinda brain that needs a bit of colour to revise.

Rainbow sticky notes pad, £4, Mustard

15. For when you’re feline motivated (sorry).

Cat In A Book Page Markers, £5, Topshop

16. For when anything with plants on technically counts as biology revision, duh.

Ohh Deer Palm Leaf A4 Notebook, £4.99, ASOS

17. For when you’ve gone four days without seeing any other human beings ’cos you’ve been buried in past papers.

Positive pens, £9, Lisa Angel

18. For when you need to remind your parents that you haven’t got time to tidy your room right now.

I Am Very Busy notebook, £8.50,

19. For when you need some help with holding things together.

Roller Tape sticky tape dispenser, £6, Mustard

20. For when you’ve been living in fleecy pyjamas and a messy bun for months on end now.

Sweet Talk pen set,  £15,

21. And last but not least, when you need a reminder that you got this, gurl.

Awesome Ideas notebook, £3, Lisa Angel


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