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13 cute summer-inspired DIYs that’ll make you wanna get crafty

Six weeks of summer holidays are undeniably amazing, but when the sunshine gets swapped for rainy days, all of your friends are busy and your wifi goes down (oh gahd send help), you’re gonna need a few back-up plans to fill your time.

That’s when this lot comes in, because we’ve tracked down a whole bunch of seriously cute and cool summer-inspired DIYs that’ll make you wanna grab your pencils, paints and PVA glue to get creative.

From cute deco bits for your bedroom to the ultimate must-have party pieces, here are 13 cute af projects to get stuck in to over the summer.

1. Painted pebble cactus

According to the internet, a cactus is the only accessory you need to make your bedroom instantly win ten Instagram points. Unfortunately, plants are super-easy to accidentally forget about IRL and one day you’ll probably come home to find a withered looking brown thing sitting where your cactus used to be. Agh.

That’s why this painted pebble cactus pot is just about the cleverest thing we’ve seen all day. Not only is it super easy and cheap to recreate, but it’ll look amazing on your shelves.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

2. Flower monogram

Yeah we KNOW we’re supposed to be outside and breathing in the fresh air when the weather is awesome, but how about we compromise and bring some summer garden vibes inside instead?

Designed to perfectly match your dream colour scheme, you can pick and choose your fave fake flowers and work them into the shape of whatever you want within a pretty frame. Your initials are a pretty cool way to customise things, too.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

3. Pop tart pillows

If it was acceptable, we’d scoff pop tarts for every single meal of the day. But seeing as it would probably make our internal organs hate us a little bit, we’ll settle for this unbelievably cool no-sew pillow version to snuggle up to.

You don’t even need to be skilled with a needle and thread. Just get sticky with some fabric glue and the bright, colour pop rainbow pom poms will make it look instantly summery and Pinterest-worthy.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

4. Woven wall hanging

Um, how obsessed are you with these beautiful boho wall hangings? They’re pretty much an essential if you want to channel the biggest bloggers this summer – but rather than spending a fortune at Urban Outfitters, you should make your own for something totally unique (and loads cheaper).

It might look impressive but it’s actually really simple to create once you get into the swing of weaving and the more you make, the fancier your designs will become. They make amazing prezzies, too.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

5. Doughnut hat

You’ve probably seen those floppy hats that all the celebs are wearing this summer? Sure, they might look romantic and all kinds of sophisticated, but we’d definitely rather be rocking this giant doughnut-inspired version by the pool.

You can pick up a plain floppy hat for just a few pounds, and a coat of pale pink fabric paint followed by some sprinkle detail will create the cutest summer accessory ever. ‘Scuse us while we go and make this ASAP.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

6. Galaxy ice cream

Having all of your pals over to make some big summer plans and watch some classic beach movies? Up your snacking game to new levels of amazing with this insaaanely cool galaxy-inspired ice cream.

With just three ingredients and five minutes prep time for swirls of bright blue, pink and turquoise – plus a healthy dose of edible glitter – we’re not sure whether we wanna photograph it or eat it.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

7. Watermelon drinks jars

Everyone knows that, for some reason, drinks always taste a whole better if they’re in a mason jar, but give your juices and smoothies the aesthetic they deserve with these homemade fruity watermelon DIYs.

They look like something straight off the shelf but all you need to make ‘em is some pink paint, a steady hand and some green string to finish off the final effect. Complete the summer vibes by playing Beyonce ‘Drunk In Love’ for the watermelon lyrics.


Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

8. Cut-out leaf bunting

Palm leaves are the must-have print this summer, but adding a whole new pattern into your bedroom can mean splashing the cash for a drastic makeover. This dreamy DIY bunting is a way easier alternative if you’re obsessed with the palm print trend.

There’s even templates for the leaves so all you need is a selection of green card and a steady hand with the scissors. Hang the finished result above your bed, along your walls, or outside to add a tropical touch to your summer parties.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

9. Chill out tent

Of all of our summer-inspired DIYs here, this one is probably the most complicated and, heads up, you might need an extra pair of adult hands to help you out with the basic wooden frame structure.

Once you’ve roped in someone responsible to tackle the hole drilling, it’s down to you to choose a bold and beautiful fabric to construct your chill tent with. Grab a sleeping bag, an endless supply of popcorn, a whole load of cushions and you’ve got the dream back garden set up right there. SO CUTE.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

10. Unicorn party piñata

This rainbow-coloured unicorn piñata is so flippin’ cute that we want to put him in our pocket forever, and the best part is that he’s SUPER easy to construct for a special summer treat. Pick your favourite pastel shades for the tissue paper tail and go crazy with the glitter for his unicorn horn.

Let’s just kiiinda ignore the fact that you need to bash him to unleash the goodies, because he’s way too adorable for that part.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

11. Macrame hanging planters

Seeing as you’re gonna get crafty to create some of these amazing ideas, you might as well teach yourself a new skill while you’re at it. Become a macrame pro and master these hanging fabric planters for some extra splashes of colour in your room.

They might look complicated, but it’s basically just all about using knots to create a pretty simple shape that your succulents can sit in. It’s no exaggeration to say they look SO COOL.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

12. Teeny tiny s’mores pots

Building a giant bonfire to create some delicious melty, marshmallowy chocolatey goodness might seem like a good idea to us, but for some reason our parents aren’t so keen. Hmm. Luckily these genius miniature versions are much safer and more manageable.

Once you’ve set them up, arm your pals with a plate of crackers, marshmallows and chocolate to build (and cook) the ultimate midnight snack. Add some garden chairs and blankets to the scene and you’ll feel like you’re in a film, trust us.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

13. Build your own photobooth

And last but definitely not least, make sure that your summer party is transformed into Instagram goals by creating the perfect photobooth for your squad. All you have to do is mix and match pastel shades with strips of fabric tied to a length of rope.

Add in your own glitter banner, tie on a few pom poms, draw your own funny props and get the Polaroid camera out. Then, tie the whole thing between two trees to create summer memories that you and your besties will never forget.

Get the full tutorial for this one HERE.

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