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Our very favourite things from The Clothes Show 2016

This week, betty headed to The Clothes Show with our shiny new betty bus. Our mission: to meet some of you lovely readers, spread the word about bettybox and, and generally yell ‘PERIOOOODS!’ at anyone who would listen. It was an awesome five days filled with selfies, shopping, celeb spotting, biscuits and SO. MUCH. GLITTER.

Here’s everything we saw, loved and lusted after at The Clothes Show 2016.

1. Our new pals

DJ and presenter Annaliese Dayes took over our Instagram feed on Saturday, and on Sunday we handed over the reins to Olympic gymnasts Becky and Ellie Downie – all megababes, naturally.

Becky and Ellie Downie

2. Snikt and Bamf

One of our fave stands at The Clothes Show was Snikt and Bamf, a jewellery brand “for geeks, made by geeks”. Designer Jessica takes inspiration from comic books, films, books and all kinds of beloved nerdery, but brings them alive in a seriously stylish, subtle way. Amy bought this necklace inspired by the kiss scene in The Little Mermaid, which she loved so much she literally started weeping.


3. Marina Joyce! It’s Marina Joyce!

YouTuber Marina Joyce stopped by the bus to say hello and check out our selfie mirror, while we admired her incredible glitter eyeshadow and tried not to fangirl too much.

Lauren and Amy with Marina Joyce on the betty bus

4. Bradley and Ottavio

Bradley and Ottavio were impossible to miss in their AH-mazing playing card outfits. We chatted to them about clothes, The X Factor, their next career move (it’s a secret), and they even squealed when we showed them the article we wrote way back in September about their emotional chicken fight.


5. Love Crochet

The wonderfully kind and endlessly patient people at Love Crochet taught Lily to crochet an adorable flower (despite a few profanities and a couple of dropped stitches).


6. Love Knitting

Handily located right next door to Love Crochet and just as pom-pom obsessed as us, Love Knitting let us try on their adorable Pom Pom Crowns.


6. Feline’ fash

It was hard to not get distracted by the amazing catwalk, with loads of up-and-coming models and designers showing off their skills every time we strolled (ok, strutted) past.


7. The vintage treasures

Alongside all the new designers were some pieces of fashion history, courtesy of some amazing vintage traders. Our very favourite stall was Trunk Junkies Vintage, where Lauren and Amy found the purple suede cropped jacket of dreams and haggled £15 off the price. Shoulder pads = instant confidence, guys.  

Lauren modelling a vintage jacket

8. Patches, patches everywhere

As trends go, this one has our name on it (literally, badum-tsh): personalisation. Monograms, badges, patches and initials were everywhere we looked. These patches from Accessorize were particular faves, not least because they were only £1 each. We’ll never turn up dressed the same as anyone else ever again! After this week, we mean.

Lily holding Accessorize patches

9. Unicorn poo and cactus tees

Among all the sequin minidresses and heels, we found a kindred spirit. Or lots of kindred spirits, hanging at the David & Goliath stall. Their grumpy cactus t-shirts and unicorn sweatshirts might just be the official uniform of Weepy Girls’ Corner.

David and Goliath t-shirts

10. The betty bus

Ok so we may be biased, but the betty bus was certifiably the coolest stand at the entire Clothes Show. And we weren’t the only ones who thought so. It had the selfie mirror…


Bex and Anya in the selfie mirror

And a Snapchat filter?! NBD.


Oh, and did we mention that there was a braid bar? There was a braid bar.


Thanks so much to The Clothes Show for such an incredible few days… and we’ll see you next year in Liverpool!


In the meantime, watch this space for more adventures from the betty bus. And us, because it can’t drive itself. It’s cool, but not that cool.

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