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24 things that make you feel instantly happy

It’s International Day of Happiness! We suggest you treat yourself to your fave brekkie (eggy bread, anyone?), slip on your most colourful socks and skip to school after you’ve read this super cute list of all the little things that make us smile…

1. The wagging tail of a happy dog. Especially if they’re doing that adorbs dog grin.

2. A bruised purple sunset. I live for pretty sunsets. They’re just beautiful, aren’t they? When the sky looks a little like a watercolour painting.

3. A bright blue sky on a freezing day. A cornflower colour, with frost nipping at your nose.

4. The smell of freshly-baked bread or cookies *mouth instantly waters*.

5. Finding money in the bottom of a bag. Even if it’s just 50p!

6. An unexpected text from a friend you’ve not heard from in a while, or from someone you like and you’re wondering whether they like you back…

7. Putting on your fave colourful lipstick.

8. Reading the first page of a new book and loving it instantly.

9. Meeting someone new and getting those butterflies. You know the ones. The nervous excitement. There’s nothing quite like it.

10. Drinking ice-cold water when you’re really thirsty. That thing your mum says when you ask for a fizzy drink and she says, ‘Drink water, it’ll quench your thirst”? She’s right. Ice-cold water on a hot day. THIRST OFFICIALLY QUENCHED.

11. Being sent a handwritten letter. Even better if the sender’s writing is lovely. My friend has the most beautiful handwriting, and I always get SO excited when Christmas or my birthday is around the corner.

12. Feeling exhausted from a long day and climbing into a fresh bed. The feeling of collapsing into a soft-cloud-mattress is indescribable.

13. A roast dinner with lashings of gravy. Preferably with a Yorkshire pudding or two to mop it up. I’ve been told numerous times that only roast beef should have a Yorkshire pudding but I don’t care. Yorkshire puddings go with EVERY kind of roast dinner.

14. Flickering candles, dotted all around a room. Candles always make things feel calmer and that bit cosier.

15. A hot bubble bath. Sooooooooo relaxing. The perfect antidote to a horrid day.

16. Fresh-cut flowers. You don’t need someone to buy you flowers. Buy some for yourself. You deserve it!

17. A sleepover with your best friends: movies, cookie dough ice cream and A LOT of laughing.

18. Takeaway pizza (or any takeaway, really). YUP. Any takeaway will do – and there’s no washing up after! #sorrynotsorry

19. Swimming in the sea. The cold, salty water on a scorching hot day. Or on a cold day if you’re one of those brave types who swims in the sea on Christmas morning.

20. Writing on the first page of a brand-new notebook – I’m obsessed with stationery so this one might just be me. But I love the feeling of the pen on a clean snow-white page.

21. Listening to your favourite song. Mine is anything, anything at all by Beyoncé. She could quite literally sing the alphabet and I’d love it.

22. A lazy Sunday morning. That sort where the smell of sizzling bacon wakes you up and the lovely deliciousness of a Sunday is stretched out ahead of you.

23. The smell of birthday cake. You know when you’ve sung happy birthday to someone and they’ve just blown out the candles? THAT SMELL. If I could bottle that smell, I would.

24. When your sides ache from laughing. When you get the giggles and tears start rolling down your face, you know that feeling is coming. The feeling where you simply cannot laugh anymore because otherwise YOU WILL BURST.

Image: Riverdale

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