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Fireman carrying piglets out of a burning building? Check. #WeepyGirlsCorner

Animals often give us hope that the world is still a good place to live. Like when your dog sees you crying and comes over and licks your hand. Or when your cat jumps into your lap and watches the scary part of a film with you. When your goldfish… er, does goldfish things. Looks surprised with you? Anyway.

It’s also important to remember that sometimes humans are good too. Loads of humans. And in fact, perhaps humans are at their best when they’re helping our furry/fluffy/hide-y friends. So here are some of our favourite examples of humans helping out the animal kingdom, to melt your heart on this cold January afternoon.

Pigs in blankets (sort of)

According to BuzzFeed, 150 of these little pink bundles of joy were rescued by Russian firefighters after a barn caught fire in Siberia last week. Guys, this is basically the plot of Three Little Pigs come to life. Just with more pigs. And fewer wolves.

So they could get all the little piggies out in time, the firefighters had to form a makeshift assembly line. But with tiny baby piggies!

And others herded the drove of piggies along on their little trotters.

Let’s all take a minute.

Elephants in jumpers 

Meanwhile in India, the Independent reports that locals have been knitting jumpers for the elephants to protect them during the extremely chilly weather. These elephants have all been rescued from abusive situations, so when the Women from the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre heard that temperatures would dip below freezing, they got knitting. And quickly.

We’ll take three in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL, please.


Penguins in knitwear 

It’s not just the elephants that people are worried about. According to the Metro, Alfred ‘Alfie’ Dent, an Australian 109-year-old, (AKA the sweetest man in the world) started knitting jumpers for penguins following an oil spill that left the little guys unable to warm themselves properly.


It turns out Alfie has some serious needle skills – these outfits are all #goals, but special shoutout to the Penguin book jacket. We see what you did there.

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