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betty brunch: Three next-level French toast recipes and a chic playlist to eat them with

Plain old British toast might be good enough for weekdays, but Saturday deserves better. Feed your weekend up right, with these super extra eggy bread creations…. and a helping of electro pop from Christine and the Queens to go with it.

What’s French for ‘phwooar’? This banana-cream-Nutella-drizzled stack might not be your authentic eggy bread experience, but as far as we’re concerned it is bon. Très bon.

Hold the syrup! Joy the Baker’s creamy, buttery, herby French toast is a strictly savoury affair – and in case the situation wasn’t already eggy enough, it’s wearing a fried one like a jaunty hat. Ooeuf.

Who says French Toast has to be sweet OR savoury. Why not have a side of berries AND a side of bacon? And make it out of a croissant while you’re at it? This recipe by Pink When is the Leonardo Di Vinci of breakfasts. Pure art.

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