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Get next-level organised with betty’s rainbow revision tips

Brought to you by STABILO®

Exam season is upon us and we want to help you tackle it like a total boss. Your first job? Prepare your parents for some serious online shopping because it’s time to stock up on super-bright stationery! We’re going to give your revision a multi-coloured makeover.

Did you know that writing in colour can actually help you soak up 50-80% more information than if you were scribbling away in your boring black biro!? That’s actual proof that your SATs or GCSE marks will be better if you shop online this weekend. We know, best news ever!

So once you’ve added *all* the colours to your cart, read up on how to make the most of your rainbow felt pens right here…

Spider diagrams

Brighten up study time by drawing a spider diagram for each topic. Roll out a big A3 sheet of paper, grab the STABILO® pointMax Premium Fineliners from this month’s bettybox and get sketching. Your fuchsia pink can create the lines and bubbles, whilst your bold azure blue can jot out the keywords and phrases. Stick the sheets all over your room and give them a read every night before bed. Something is bound to stick!


This handy revision trick is one of our favourites, mainly because it feels like a fun kinda game. Cut up or buy some ready made A5 cards and use your colourful pens to jot down the facts, keywords and vocabulary you need to know for your upcoming exam. On the front of the card, write a question or a key term, then on the back of the card, write the answer or the definition of the term. Play the guessing game by yourself or get your family and friends to test you. See, it’s basically an excuse for game night.

Mind maps

These babies are a little bit like the spider diagrams plastered all over your walls but they tend to work better in notebooks. You don’t have to stick to a specific format – you can use charts, tables and other forms of diagrams to organise all your notes into one neat, vibrant map. Get creative! Draw pictures, doodles, squiggles, try different fonts and writing sizes – whatever it takes to engage your brain.

Past papers

If you can get hold of past papers, do it! Your teacher might be able to provide you with some to practice with, or you could find them online. Print them off and give the tests a go. You can fill them out using your colourful liners to help jog your memory. Just remember to mark them afterwards so you know if you actually got the questions right or wrong…

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Image: Kate Borrill


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