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Gifts you can make yourself for practically nothing

Christmas can get expensive fast, especially when you’re relying on pocket money or your part time job. But often the best presents aren’t the ones that cost a fortune, they’re the ones that someone took the time to make. Nothing says, “I love and care about you” like sitting down and embroidering your mum’s face on a pillow (jk, we’re not advocating that at all).

Here’s the lazy girl’s guide to having a crafty Christmas…

Stuff in jars

Nothing says adorable and homemade like a mason jar.

For the baker

Brownies are an easy go to, but you could adapt this brownie in a jar from Evermine to make pretty much any baked good. Thoughtful and delicious.


For the horticulturalist

This terrarium jar from Wit & Whistle doesn’t actually mean buying a succulent, just setting up its cosy home. Definitely a cheaper option – but if you want to pop a succulent in, go right ahead.


For the stresshead

One year my mum went to the supermarket and bought my regular toiletries, wrapped them and gave them to me in my stocking. This mason jar from The Gunny Sack is essentially the same thing, but rather than looking like you couldn’t come up with something to buy your loved ones, it says, “Look how well I know you! I even know the type of toothpaste you like!”



For the dotty one

This upcycled clutch from Brit + Co is beautiful. They bought a clutch from a charity stop and added the dots, but you could also do the same print on a tote bag or a cheap t-shirt.


For the dessert fan

Tote bags are the ultimate crafting gift; there’s just so much you can do with them. A template for these gorgeous ice creams and the ‘Tasty Totes’ text are downloadable and FREE from Lana Red Studio.


For the chilly one

These pocket warmers from Ree Ann Kelly are super easy to make. Every time your loved ones slip them in their pockets, they’ll think of you.


For the fashion-lover

Chokers are awesome, but why buy one for a tenner from Topshop when this tutorial from Brit + Co shows you how to make one for next to nothing?


For the bohemian one 

These bracelets from Honestly WTF are surprisingly simple to make – and see how classy and expensive they look!


Stuff for the home

For the sentimental one

This tutorial from Kelli Murray is perfect for your BFF or your parents, and it’s super simple to make. Print out some of your fave photos from the year and put them together in a beautiful collage.


For the quirky one

Not only are these DIY mini planters from Sugar & Cloth adorable, but you could give them to pretty much anyone. They’d be great for your BFF or your impossible-to-buy-for aunt.


For the homemaker

Ok, let’s all just go ahead and accept that flamingoes are amazing. This tutorial from Sugar & Cloth comes with free downloadable pictures of flamingoes and couldn’t be easier to follow.


For the notebook-obsessed one

Everyone has a friend that owns too many notebooks. A friend that wanders into Paperchase “just to have a look” and re-emerges £15 lighter every time (ahem, Amy). But rather than buying them an expensive notebook this Christmas, you can make them one of their own with this tutorial from Lovely Indeed.


There you go, Christmas sorted – and you don’t have to set foot on the high street. Happy crafting!

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