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This girl had the most perfect response when a boy asked for nudes

At some point in your life, if you’re in possession of a phone and an internet connection, you’ll probably receive this message, or some variation of it: “Send nudes.”

And if you’re searching for a creative response, why not take a leaf from 16-year-old Jacquie Ross’ book? When her school pal Michael messaged asking to see her prom outfit, things took a depressingly predictable turn…

To which Michael replied, “What’s below the picture?”

But Michael decided to try again. And this is where the true genius of Jacquie is revealed. Literally.


And again.

She literally made herself into a human pass the parcel.

And when all 18…wait, 19 towels were done, she whipped out this.

When it looked like her prank might finally be circling the drain, this happened.

Obviously this prank was too good to just end up down the plug hole of her inbox, so like any good Gen Z-er, Jacquie screenshotted the messages and put them on Tumblr – where they’ve since had over 63,000 notes.

Between Jacquei’s towels and this teen’s brilliant umbrella hat response, soon we’ll have a whole compendium of brilliant responses for when someone asks for nudes. But if you’re looking for a faster, simpler approach a general, “Over my dead body,” generally works too.


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Image: @LilyPesch

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