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Great on paper: why we’re crushing on illustrator Nina Cosford

Growing up is bloody hard work. Are you going to be artsy or athletic? Are you going to take up the trombone or join the debating club? Are you going to wear a lot of pink or a lot of black? Do you really have to choose one or the other, or can you be everything? Or nothing? WELL?!

Thankfully we have someone to make sense of it all: illustrator extraordinaire Nina Cosford. Nina’s new book, ‘My Name is Girl,’ deals with all the trials and tribulations of choosing the type of girl you are going to be. It’s bursting with beautiful illustrations and every time you turn a page and see Nina’s honest thought processes, about getting dressed in the morning, emptying your bag or choosing your hair style, you exhale and think, “OH THANK GOD IT’S NOT JUST ME.”


Like when your mum takes you bra shopping and some stranger is fondling your chest, talking about A cups as if that’s a measurement you have ever had to deal with before and ps. what the hell is a balconette? Nina’s got your back.


Or that moment when your maths teacher has piled on the homework and one of your friends has mysteriously stopped talking to you and then you drop your lunch on the floor and your apple is now more congealed bruising than actual fruit. Yep, Nina knows that moment.


Or when you’re stuck in class when it’s sunny outside and you’re dreaming about all the places you’ll go one day. Backpacking around South East Asia, kayaking with your best friends on the Mediterranean, a romantic jaunt to see Machu Picchu…. anywhere there are cacti… Nina feels it too.


And that moment, when you realise that you look around at your friends with their wacky hair and their booming laughs and their kickass clothes and realise you are a part of the #coolestgirlgang ever. She’s drawn it.


Nina, can we be part of your girl gang? Oh wait, we are! WE ACTUALLY MET HER!

When betty went to hang out with Nina, she perfectly captured all those PMT feelings in a special illustration for betty…

nin cosford PMT

Nina, you are our people.

Look out for our exclusive interview with Nina in the next few weeks. And in the meantime, you can get a copy of ‘My Name is Girl’ here, or if you’re totally fangirling you can get a signed copy here. check out more of Nina’s work on her Instagram or on her website.

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