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Hot weather, hair bother and a new Hogwarts love story: betty’s weekly round-up

Once upon a time, summer was silly season for news – but not in 2017, guys. This week has had the longest days of the year and a lot of news to fill them with; from tragedy to triumph. And ok, yes, some silliness. However overwhelming things get, there’s always silliness too.

London, we love you

We started the week with news of another awful terror attack, this time on worshippers leaving a north London mosque. The news was terrible, but as always, the outpouring of support for the victims and community was a beautiful thing to behold. Hundreds of people attended vigils and left flowers and messages – a powerful reminder that love always wins in the end.

This model made a hair-raising point

This photo of model Maya Felix was originally taken in 2014, but it’s been doing the rounds online again this week – and we don’t think you can ever have enough reminders to show your body some love. The shot was part of a project on Natural Beauty by photographer Ben Hooper, and so far it’s inspired more than 60k reactions – not all of them positive. But in the mini essay that has been added to the gorgeous pic, Felix takes a stand against the haters and the way society makes us feel about our natural body hair.

“I felt indignant about the nastier comments, and developed an ‘if you don’t like it, I don’t give a sh*t because it’s not for you, and your opinion on my or any woman’s body is irrelevant’ attitude,” she writes. And as well as saving a whole lot of time, she claims ditching the razor has other hidden benefits. “I’ve now realised that underarm hair acts as a really great asshole deterrent – just another reason to love and appreciate it,” she says. Preach.

Artists for Grenfell sung their hearts out

Featuring Stormzy, Jessie J, Paloma Faith and Bastille among loads of other stars, the charity single by Simon Cowell and Artists for Grenfell is set to bump Bieber and become no.1 this weekend, after having the biggest first day of sales this decade.

The cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s 60s classic ballad Bridge Over Troubled Water has been given a 2017 update with new, heartbreaking lyrics from Stormzy, and all money raised will go to support the victims of last week’s horrific west London fire. Simon Cowell started making plans to record only a day after the news broke, and has also donated £100,000 of his own money to the cause.

Meanwhile celebs including Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora, who used to play at the tower block as a child, has been showing her support by wearing a Love4Grenfell t-shirt. All profits will go to help the residents who have lost their homes, and you can buy your own here for a tenner.

It was hot, guys

Just in case you’ve been in a refrigerated underground bunker (or Scotland) for the past week and weren’t aware, it’s been quite warm. A bit balmy. Slightly scorchio. In fact, Wednesday was the hottest June day for 41 years, with temperatures in London reaching a basically oven-like 35.6°C.

So what did we do? We drank Frapuccinos, we ate many, many Magnums, we lay down on any patch of grass we could find… and we moaned about it on social media. Because everybody knows that your body cools down one degree for every hilarious tweet you send. That’s science.

Harry Styles is mourning his stepfather

Directioners all over the world have been sending condolences to Harry Styles after his stepfather, Robin, sadly passed away from cancer.

The Sign of the Times singer walked his mum down the aisle when she married Robin in 2013, having been together since Harry was seven and supported him through X Factor and his 1D days. On Twitter #RIPRobin was trending, as fans sent their messages of sympathy to the Styles family. Lots of love, Harry.

There’s charming new gossip from Hogwarts

Stick a candle in that chocolate frog, because Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone turned TWENTY this week. To celebrate, publishing house Bloomsbury has released some limited edition 20th anniversary copies of the book, which frankly we would wrestle a Hippogriff to get our hands on, and their extra pages reveal some juicy new details about our beloved wizarding world. Such as: Professor Flitwick and Professor Sprout were once a thing.

That’s right – the Charms master and the Herbology teacher were firmly under each other’s spell. But sadly for HP shippers everywhere it sounds like we won’t see a rom-com spin-off set in the Hogwarts staff room, because the magic didn’t last. The book explains “Professor Sprout had a long-term relationship with fellow teacher Professor Flitwick. Sadly it didn’t work out but they remain friends.”

Here are 14 schoolchildren in Japan breaking a world skipping record

If these kids won’t get you energised for the weekend, nothing will. Hop to it!

Have a great weekend, everyone x

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