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betty brunch: celebrate Holi with a spicy brunch and Bollywood beats

It’s Holi today! A Hindu spring festival often known as the ‘festival of colours’, it celebrates the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and a day to hang out with friends, play, laugh and forgive and forget. DOES THIS NOT SOUND LIKE THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER?! BUT WAIT, it gets better. This is the festival you’ve seen all the beautiful photos of where people throw coloured powder at one another (people were doing this in India wayyyy before Colour Runs, FYI).

To celebrate, we’re having Indian-inspired brunch and listening to some Bollywood tunes.

Sweet Potato Masala Dosa with Coconut Raita

Now we’re all recovered from Pancake Day and can look at flat circular foods again, we’re so excited for some sweet potato masala dosa. And there’s even coconut raita to go with it, so we can pretend to be somewhere less… grey.

Milk Poha Sweet Aval 

Meanwhile this recipe for Milk poha from Shrav’s Kitchen is a quick and easy breakfast option that you can add nuts and fruits to if you fancy something a little, er… fancy.

While you’re cooking, pop on this Spotify playlist of Bollywood hits. Rain, what rain?

Image: Getty


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