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How to turn your house into an at-home spa

Spa days are the ideal school holiday activity. They’re cheap and easy and they make you feel like you’re going to a swanky awards show after, even if the closest you’re getting to an awards show is sitting on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn watching Moonlight. They’re also the ideal excuse for doing what you really want to do in the school holidays: not get dressed all day. Memorise it now: “I’m not lazy, mum, I’m actually in the middle of a spa day.

You can have a spa day solo, or invite some of your BFFs over and go full on ‘Legally Blonde sorority house’ with it. But either way, here are the key ingredients.


Getting the music right is key. Have you ever heard of a spa playing T Swift? No, because T Swift is for dancing and soothing a broken heart. Spa music is bland and yet, it serves a much-needed purpose – like rice, or Matt Damon. Try this playlist for some relaxing tunes that won’t bore you so much your spa day becomes a nap day.


This one only really works if you’re spa-ing solo, because let’s face it, there’s nothing relaxing about all your mates to be nipping into the shower one after the other like a weirdly hygienic assembly line.

If you’re by yourself, have a bubble bath. It will make you feel like a QUEEN. But if you don’t have a bath, a shower will work too – just remember to light yourself a mood-setting candle or two. Take the time to wash your hair slowly and luxuriously, like you’re in a Herbal Essences ad, rather than the usual mad rush you have before school. If you’re a shaver of legs, you may as well do that too. And pick up one of these exfoliating gloves and scrub your skin in gentle circles to leave it glowing like the dawn. No not Dawn, THE daw- ok never mind.

Exfoliating mitt, £2.99. Superdrug


If you have a lovely robe or dressing gown, grab that. If not, you’re going to want to find the fluffiest towel you have. The one your parents keep ‘for guests’ even if you never have guests. Wrap yourself in it. If you’re chilly, pop on slippers. Nothing says ‘I’m a lady who spas’ like towelling and slippers.

Whole body moisturise

There are some people who manage to do this most days, but I assume they are also the kind of people who have colour-coded folders for everything on their laptops and know all the words to Kendrick Lamar’s songs. You want to get into all the weird places you normally ignore; your ankles, your tummy, the parts of your back you can reach without dislocating your shoulder. And when it comes to moisturising and smelling like a branch of Thorntons, nothing can beat ye ol’ faithful: cocoa butter.

Palmers Cocoa Butter, £3.75, Boots

Face mask 

No spa day would be complete with a face mask. If you want to make one using ingredients you probably have lying around in your fridge, adelightfuldilemma is the gal for you. Obviously, cucumber on your eyes is compulsory.

Or for maximum Instagram/Snapchat effect, try Roxxsaurus’ rainbow face mask to indulge your inner unicorn.

Orrrr… you could just buy one. Because life is short and spa-portunities are precious.

Superdrug Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask, 99p, Superdrug


There’s a huge difference between boring old painting your nails and glam spa day pedicure. Thankfully, superprincessjo totally knows what’s up and is happy to talk us through it.

If you’re game, why not give yourself a mani too, and then try your hand at the personalised design sophdoesnails made for betty?

Now slip on your best ball gown (or your cleanest pyjamas) and spend the rest of the evening demanding that people tell you how good you smell. Or for the full spa day effect, have a huge cream tea afterwards. Lovely.


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