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Here’s how Wonder Woman shook up the world of superhero movies

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ll know that the new Wonder Woman film is Kind Of A Big Deal. It’s had rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, it’s broken box office records, and it’s the first superhero movie in a long time that’s left audiences feeling like they want to kick ass and take names, rather than sit in a corner and rock back and forth in misery.

Wonder Woman isn’t just a great film; it’s an important one, too. I fly my geek flag with pride, but sometimes it’s really hard to be a female nerd. Whether it’s people insisting you aren’t a ‘real’ fan of something unless you’re able to spout the Wikipedia page word-for-word, or the difficulty of finding a superhero who doesn’t have ginormous boobs that defy gravity and a costume your mum wouldn’t let you out of the house in, it often feels like there isn’t much space for girls in geekery.

But Diana, Princess of Themyscira? She makes space, for herself and for all of us.

From the very start of the film she is breaking rules and being exactly who she wants to be, sneaking out to fighting classes as a child, making friends with the man no-one else trusts, betraying her mother and her queen by leaving the safety of her island to save the world. When men tell her to be quiet, she talks over them. When they tell her she can’t do something, she does it without them. She believes in goodness and truth and the power of love, and she will do everything in her power to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. And, considering she’s a badass demigod literally brought to life by Zeus, she’s got quite a lot of power to spread around.

We have so many superhero films where men are strong and clever and fallible and funny and powerful, and thanks to Wonder Woman we now have one like that about a woman, too. If you can’t see it you can’t be it, and judging by the reactions to the film a lot of girls and women are leaving cinemas feeling like they can be just as powerful as Diana is.

Director Patty Jenkins shared this amazing list of things children have been doing since they saw the film…

…and there have been so many tweets about women feeling like they could take on the world because they’ve seen one woman on screen do it.

She’s an inspiration, and quite frankly it’s about bloody time we had someone screen showing just how powerful girls can be.

Imagine how great we’d feel if we had more than one film with an incredible, powerful lady as the star? We’ve got Captain Marvel with Brie Larson coming up and the Black Panther trailer is full of incredible women, but I want more. I want Kamala Khan as Ms Marvel, I want Batgirl, I want a Black Widow solo movie, I want She-Hulk and the brilliant Supergirl TV series to get the recognition it deserves.

And it will happen, but until then we have Diana. Sweet, brilliant Diana, promising to stay and fight and give for the world she knows can be. Queen Hippolyta says that the world of men does not deserve her, but the world of girls definitely does.


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