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Lorde’s favourite rings, Love Island stings and creepy, creepy things: betty’s weekly round up

Welcome to Friday! I know, it’s been a long week, full of staring wistfully out of classroom windows at the sunshine – but it’s finally here and in a shocking turn of events, the sun is actually going to stick around ALL WEEKEND.

While you wait for the clock to strike 3:30 so you can run outside and passionately snog a Mr Whippy, why not read up on everything we’ve been doing, loving and watching this week?

Lorde is part of a secret ring

Just when you thought Lorde couldn’t get any better, it turns out there are no limits to her greatness. Newshub recently discovered the secret Instagram account that she uses to rate… MEN – no jk, Lorde would never do that. She uses it to rate onion rings. Before being taken down, the account had 24 followers, most of whom were Lorde’s friends and followed zero people. If you’re wondering who discovered the account, it turns out Lorde has some serious fans who did all the detective work, connecting the locations the photos of onions rings with Lorde’s whereabouts at the time. It’s like Broadchurch, but deep-fried.


Love Island, eh? For the uninitiated, it’s an ITV2 show that throws fifteen absurdly attractive people into a villa and makes them pair up. At the end of each episode, the person without a date is kicked out. Like musical chairs, but grosser. On Wednesday night’s episode, contestant Camilla was talking to the guy she fancied, Jonny, about what to do on a date when the cheque arrived. Jonny insisted that he would pay, explaining if he didn’t, “I would feel almost emasculated,” before adding, “You’re a feminist, aren’t you?”

Camilla, who FYI is a professional bomb disposer, wasn’t about to let it go, “Shouldn’t we all be feminists? Surely you believe in equality?” she asked. Jonny laughed awkwardly before saying, “Oh, I believe in equality. I think feminism believes in almost… inequality.” Oh, Jonny – you have so much to learn. Camilla binned him pretty fast after that, obviously. We’re with you sister.

Selena Gomez’s new film

So you probably noticed that Selena Gomez played FOUR different roles in the music video for Bad Liar – a girl, her father, her mother, her father’s mistress… look you just have to watch it, it’s too hard to explain. But did you notice T Swift in the video? We didn’t either. Then we went back and watched it again and we still didn’t see it. Honestly, we could have watched it every day for the rest of our lives and never seen it but thankfully some Selena fans are more eagle-eyed than us. In the scene where girl Serena is in her bedroom there’s a poster in the background, that some people say looks remarkably like a certain #squad leader…

Convinced? Us neither.

Stick and stones might break your bones

Two teenage boys have been rescued this week after spending three days stuck inside the Paris Catacombs. For those unfamiliar with the Paris Catacombs and currently thinking, “Oh, that doesn’t sound so bad, it sounds like there’d be loads of lovely places to swim!” you might want to think again. The Paris Catacombs is actually an 150-mile maze made of bones. Like, literal human bones.

I found love in a hopeless place. #pariscatacombs #iwassuperfreakedout #notgonnalie

A post shared by America Ferrera (@americaferrera) on

This is not the plot of a new Netflix series guys, this is real freaking life. And you thought PLL had some insane story lines.

Sending love to Grenfell Tower

Our love and thoughts this week are with all the people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in London. The fire began on Tuesday night and spread throughout the entire building, with many residents sadly dying in the blaze and hundreds more homes lost.

There has been an outpouring of support for the residents from Londoners and people around the world – so many clothes were donated at one point that the council had to ask people to stop and give money instead, while Adele made a surprise visit to Grenfell Tower yesterday to show her support for the community. Meanwhile some of the victims still turned up at school the next day to take their GCSEs, in their pyjamas. In the face of tragedy, it’s comforting to know that teenage girls will continue to be amazing.

Have a great weekend, everyone X

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