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Love is blind. In Yoshi’s case, literally. #WeepyGirlsCorner

You know what they say about friends. They’re a shoulder to lean on. They’re a shoulder to cry on. Basically, er, they have shoulders.

And Pomeranian pup Zen is using both of his to help his fluffy best friend, Hoshi, in a story that comes practically pre-packaged with your PMS in mind.

Feeling weepy yet? Well, you’re gonna.

When Hoshi, an 11-year-old American Eskimo dog, developed glaucoma in both his eyes, he had to have them removed. The operation left him in a lot of pain and completely blind.

Six months earlier, Hoshi and his human roommate Pauline Perez had spotted Zen wandering the streets in Washington, USA.

Zen had some medical problems himself; an enlarged heart, a narrowed trachea and really bad teeth. But Hoshi and Pauline saw past all of those things.

Because haven’t ya heard? Love is blind.

*please excuse us while we cry in a corner now*

Okay, we’re back.

In a story that could melt the heart of grumpy glacier, Zen has become Hoshi’s eyes now. The pair are inseparable. Sometimes literally.

Like all BFFs, they go on all sorts of adventures.

They go camping:

And they even kayak. GUYS, THEY KAYAK.

And then, at night, they cuddle.

Cue wailing. All the wailing.

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Image: Instagram/the.fluffy.duo

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