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And the Oscar for best film goes to…um, wait what?!

Oh, man. This is just…wow. Just, wow. At last night’s Oscars, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were presenting the award for best picture when something went horribly wrong.

After the world’s longest pause, where Beatty opened the envelope and realised there’d been an error, he glanced meaningfully at his co-host, Dunaway. We can only assume he was trying to telepathically communicate: “Fay, Fay, WTF is happening. What do we do? Can you think of any other ways to stall this? Do you know any good knock, knock jokes? OH MY GOD, WHY CAN’T I THINK OF A SINGLE KNOCK, KNOCK JOKE?!”

But unfortunately, Fay didn’t get the message and announced La La Land as the winner.

The cast of La La Land hugged each other and were smiling and clapping and doing all the things people do when they win Oscars. They assembled on stage, looking like their dreams just came true (potentially because, for some of them, their dreams did just come true). And then, when the directors and producers were giving their acceptance speeches, this happened…

Freeze frame. Wait, WHAT?!

Yep, turns out, the envelope that Beatty and Dunaway were given was actually the one for best actress, so when they opened it, it said, “Emma Stone, La La Land” rather than reading, “Moonlight,” as it should have.

The cast and crew of Moonlight came to the stage with confused looking smiles. The film’s director, Barry Jenkins was just as shocked as the millions of people watching: “Very clearly even in my dreams this can’t be true. But to hell with it because this is true. It’s true, its not fake.”

Emma Stone tried to rescue some of the awkwardness when she went backstage afterwards saying, “Is that the craziest Oscar moment of all time? Cool! It’s going to be history.”

It’s probably safe to say that in 2018, they’re probably going to be quadruple checking the envelopes.

If you want to watch the entire awkward spectacle unfold, check out Slate’s video.

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