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Presidents, princesses and pioneers for a new year: the betty weekly round up

Well hey there, January! After a nice Christmas break where we ate our body weight in turkey and Lindor, we’re back and we’ve got a lot of exciting things brewing for 2017. Watch this space.

And in the meantime, here are some of the other things we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week.

New Year, Same You

This January, we’re saying boo to the usual ‘New Year, New You’ nonsense and saying ‘New Year, Same You‘ instead. It’s all about celebrating yourself – the actual you, not the Instagrammable, perfect fantasy version – and spending time on stuff you really love, instead of the stuff you think you ought to be into. This month’s going to be about celebrating your inner nerd, re-inventing your existing wardrobe, and doing exactly what’s right for you – plus all our usual tips and funny tales from the coolest girls we know. Excited? We are too.

new year same you

Petition for Carrie Fisher to be one of the Disney Princesses

Sometimes humans are really, really amazing. Following the tragic death of Carrie Fisher last week, one fan stumbled upon the brilliant idea to promote her character Princess Leia to Disney Princess stardom. It’s a controversial move as she would be the only non-animated Disney princess, but the online petition on already has over 25,000 signatures and we think makes a pretty good case.

“After the tragic lose of Carrie Fisher, we feel that it is only fitting for Disney to do away with the rule that an official Disney princess must be animated and make Leia a full-fledged princess. This would be a wonderful way to remember Carrie and a welcoming to one of Disney’s new properties that is beloved by millions.

“What we are asking is that the Walt Disney Corporation hold a full ceremony inducting Leia as the newest Disney princess as well as a special service in memory of Carrie Fisher.”

Petitioners, may the force be with you.

The best of Obama, 2016

With only a few weeks left of Barack Obama’s presidency, Obama nostalgia is in full swing (and to be honest it’s in the running to be our new favourite hobby for 2017). The official White House photographer Pete Souza released his fave photos of the President from 2016 and they’re exactly as adorable as we all hoped they would be. You can check out the entire collection on Medium here. Never leave us, Barry-O.


Ellen DeGeneres took a stand

Ellen Degeneres has banned gospel singer Kim Burrell from appearing on her show this week after she made homophobic comments. In a church sermon in Texas, Burrell referred to “the perverted homosexual spirit”. Then, in a video published after the sermon, she said she made “no excuses or apologies” for her comments. The singer was due to appear with Pharrell Williams on The Ellen Degeneres Show, but presenter Degeneres, a gay woman and tireless ambassador for LGBT+ rights, took back the invite. We’re with you Ellen.

Urban Outfitters has crowned the Class of 2017 

Urban Outfitters has kicked off the year with a new campaign, The Class of 2017. The special collab with US brands Hanes and Champion features 16 influencers, a diverse mix of cool faces and personalities – including body positive activist Barbie Ferreira and transgender model Hari Nef – who are aiming to change the way we look at the world this year.

Face it, magic is real

Storybook cosmetics is a book nerd’s (ahem, the entire betty team’s) dream come true, selling make up and beauty tools that take inspiration from some of the most popular books of all time. Harry Potter? Yep. Game of Thrones? Obvs. Romeo and Juliet? Why not. The product we’re probably most excited about is the quill and pot eyeliner set that they’re launching later this year – LOOK AT IT.storybook

In the meantime, follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with their plans. Accio, nerd beauty.

Have a magical weekend everyone! We’ll see you Monday.

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