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The world could do with a little more kindness today, so here are 15 ideas to get you started

Today is one of my favourite days of the year. It’s one of the lesser-known holidays – it doesn’t get the glory of Easter or Halloween, but it’s just as fun. It’s one of the unsung heroes, like National Chocolate-Covered Raisins Day or Inspire your Heart with Art Day, both of which also sound like very good holidays and Theresa May, if you’re reading this, I think they should all get us the day off school.

But anyway. Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, so we’ve put together a list of little, easy ways you can help spread love and cheer today.

1. Give someone a seat on the bus, even if they don’t look like they need it. Everyone likes a sit-down.

2. Pay for the person behind you’s coffee – or look out for independent coffee shops that let you buy coffees in advance, for someone who can’t afford one.

3. Bake your best friend a cake in their favourite flavour.

4. Write your parents a thank you note for doing approximately 1067 loads of washing for you over the years.

5. Email your favourite author telling them why you love their book so much.

6. Give your grandparents a call.

7. Or talk to any elderly person – you might just make their day.

8. Leave a nice note in a library book for the next person who reads it.

9. Compliment someone, and not just on something obvious like their hair.

10. Print out one your favourite poems and leave it on the bus for someone to find.

11. Help someone carry their bags to the car at the supermarket.

12. Ask someone sleeping rough what they’d like to eat for lunch, and buy it for them.

13. Start a conversation with someone at school who doesn’t have many friends.

14. Loudly applaud a busker, and tell everyone nearby that you think they’re going to make it big one day.

15. Set your alarm a little earlier and bring everyone a cup of tea in bed.

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