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All the reasons Grease 2 is secretly better than Grease (no arguing)

In life, the list of film sequels that are better than the original is so short you could write it on the back of your hand (er… Shrek 2?) but hold onto your poodle skirt and pearls, because we’re about to make a controversial argument. *Ahem*

Grease 2 is better than the original Grease.

No but seriously. Stop laughing. Let’s examine the evidence.


The style

Grease 2 Pink Ladies

Sure, Rizzo’s Pink Ladies knew how to work a neckerchief and Sandy’s fairground transformation launched a thousand cases of thrush (she had to be sewn into those black trousers, guys, sewn) – but oh, what a difference a couple of years makes.

While the original Grease is all sugary late-50s petticoats, Grease 2 moves the action into the early 60s, and with it comes killer pencil skirts, cropped trousers, biker jackets and a ‘Marilyn Monroe vs Jackie Kennedy’ style war so good it’ll have you reaching for your history textbook.


The hair

Grease 2 pink ladies

Honestly, it’s hard to aspire to the rock-hard curls of Rizzo, Marty and Frenchie in Grease 1 because this is 2016 and only your Great Aunt Edna still has a shampoo-and-set. But OH what hair awaits you in Grease 2.  For one thing, it actually moves.

There are curls, there are sleek bobs, there are strong fringes, there are more curls (it was really the 80s, after all) and there is Michelle Pfeiffer with her perfectly tousled golden mane, here to remind us all of a time before ceramic straighteners were a thing.


The dancing

Grease 2

Sure, we all loved Danny and Sandy’s jive (not so much Danny and Cha-Cha from St. Bernadette’s’) – but Grease’s sequel really steps up the choreography. From the opening number, Back To School Again, to the end of term luau, via a bowling game that definitely breaks all the rules of lane etiquette, the second film has the sweetest moves by far.

Sorry, John and Olivia. You’re not the ones that we want.


The sass

Grease 2 kiss gif

Look, we’re not about to claim that either film is exactly a giant win for equality. But Grease 2 serves up significantly more ‘air punch’ moments for the feminist cause, as Stephanie challenges the ‘T Bird code’ and reclaims her kissing autonomy.

Altogether, now: “Maybe I’m tired of being somebody’s chick!”


The gender balance 

Grease 2 gif

It might seem like the moral message of both films is pretty dubious, but really they couldn’t be more different. In one, the geeky outsider falls for the popular kid and realises that the way to win their love is to totally change themselves, take up smoking and start wearing lots of uncomfortable leather.

Whereas in the other, the geeky outsider falls for the popular kid and realises that the way to win their love is to totally change themselves, take up smoking and start wearing lots of uncomfortable leather BUT THIS TIME IT’S A MAN.

See? Different! Better.


The free biology lesson

Grease 2 Reproduction

There is no substitute for thorough, honest and empowering sex education in all schools everywhere. But while we wait for the government to get its act together on that, at least we have Grease 2’s infamous ‘Reproduction’ song to teach us the basics!

Ps. humans don’t have pollen. But you knew that.


The talent show

grease 2 talent show

Have you ever seen such strong fancy dress game as the Pink Ladies’ Girl For All Seasons routine? That purple sequinned tree costume is Halloween #goals.


The fact that basically nobody else agrees

Steph Grease 2

Because just like Michael on that motorbike, we will always be rooting for the underdog. Grease 2 is the word.

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