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7 reasons why you should start watching Dynasty

’Tis the season to binge watch Netflix, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. In case you don’t already have enough shows and movies lined up on your List, allow us to introduce Dynasty, our biggest obsession since Pretty Little Liars ended.

Based on the 1980s soap opera of the same name, Dynasty is every bit as glamorous and dramatic as its vintage counterpart, but with very 2017 problems. Here’s why you need to tune in…

1. Fallon Carrington is Blair Waldorf x 100

Thought Gossip Girl’s Blair or Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge were as bitchy as leading ladies come? Wait until you meet Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies), who manages to make her dad Blake (Grant Show) and his girlfriend Cristal’s (Nathalie Kelley) lives pretty difficult on the daily. That’s without mentioning the boys whose heart she stomps all over – more on that later.

Fallon look from next week’s #Dynasty. Always scheming. ???

A post shared by Elizabeth Gillies (@lizgillz) on

2. The fashion is epic

Whether they’re attending weddings or funerals, cocktail parties or just another day at the office, the cast of Dynasty are impeccably well turned-out. While – unlike its ’80s counterpart – the shoulder pads are subtle in the new series, costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack has done an incredible job of keeping the glam-factor alive.

3. Everyone is ridiculously good-looking

Adding to the sheer escapism of Dynasty, there are so many babes to keep your eye on, from Fallon (obvs) to Cristal’s nephew Sammy Jo (Rafael de la Fuente) and Fallon’s chauffeur/love interest Michael (Robert Christopher Riley). There’s a reason why Atlanta, where Dynasty is set, is nicknamed ‘Hotlanta’…

Catch this beauty tonight at 9/8c on @thecw #Dynasty @natkelley

A post shared by Rafael De La Fuente (@rafaeldlf) on

4. It’s made by the same people as The O.C. and Gossip Girl

Just like new superhero show Runways, Dynasty was developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, otherwise known as the brains behind The O.C., Gossip Girl, Hart Of Dixie and The Carrie Diaries. It’s also just been picked up for a full 22-episode first season, so fear not, you won’t have to make do with the initial order of 13 eps.

4 weeks, Baby. #Dynasty

A post shared by Elizabeth Gillies (@lizgillz) on

5. There are plenty of rivalries

Fallon vs. Cristal. Blake vs. Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke). Everyone likes to get behind a TV ‘team’ and Dynasty provides a whole load of them.

6. And more than a few love stories

While it’s hard to know if Cristal and Blake’s relationship could be classed as a true love story, her upset over the demise of former lover Matthew Blaisdel (Nick Wechsler) is definitely intriguing. Meanwhile Fallon’s playing with chauffeur Michael will totally keep you entertained.

Fasten your seatbelts. #Dynasty is only 3 weeks away ✈️

A post shared by Elizabeth Gillies (@lizgillz) on

7. Two words: Alan Dale

You might remember him as Caleb Nichol on The O.C. or Jim Robinson on Neighbours. Even if you don’t recognise him at all, Alan Dale is a total scene-stealer as butler Joseph Anders, who will seemingly stop at nothing to protect the Carrington family… even if that means stepping on Cristal’s toes. (He’s bottom right, FYI).

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Image: Dynasty

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