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Rihanna’s a humanitarian, Lorde’s a games master and the first trans toy: betty’s weekly round up

Welcome to Friday! Please put away your tray tables and return your seats to the upright position. The weekend is fast approaching and we could not be more ready for it.

We’re thinking baked eggs for brunch and some shopping for our bedrooms… but in the meantime, here’s everything we’ve been reading, watching and loving this week.

Big bang for their buck

The original five lead cast members of The Big Bang Theory are reportedly taking pay cuts so that co-stars Mayim Bialik (Amy) and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) can get raises. According to Variety, Bailik and Raunch are paid $200,000 an episode (nice), while the rest of the cast are paid  a cool $1 MILLION. Per episode. Whaaa. Anyway, the guys are all taking a voluntary $100,000 paycut so that their female co-stars can get a raise. Maths, science, history, discovering the mystery that all started with… a million bucks.

Trans-cending gender norms

This year at the New York Toy Fair, the Tonner Doll Company unveiled the first mainstream trans doll. The doll’s features are based on Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager who has become a prominent LGBTQ advocate, as well as having a successful YouTube channel and a book. Why are toys so much better now than when we were kids?!

Lorde of the Scavenger Hunt

After releasing this cryptic clip on her website earlier in the week, Lorde sent her Kiwi fans on a musical scavenger hunt around the city. She shared a map on Twitter with three red pins and the caption: “Auckland: from 9:30pm TONIGHT, I’ve organised a few more little glimpses at what’s coming. if  you want to know more, consult the map.”

Obviously, people were massively intrigued. When they arrived at the locations there were neon green lights bring projected onto the beach, the sides of buildings and even out of cars, plus short clips of Lorde singing. Is Lorde saying what we think she’s saying? Is there finally a new album on the way? Or has she been an extraterrestrial lifeform all along? This is like an episode of Sherlock brought to life. For all those who’ve bene following along, her new track has dropped here!

YouTube is taking over your TV, kinda

Joy to the internet today, as YouTube have announced they’re launching YouTube TV. Basically, the site is trying to reboot live TV for a younger generation, so we’ll be able to get standard television channels from anywhere, plus unlimited storage to record so you never have to miss out on anything good. For the time being, it will only be available in the States, but watch this space. Literally.

Nintendo Switch is out today!

Games fans, brace yourselves. For those who are playing catch-ups, the Nintendo Switch is a new games console that you can take with you wherever you go AND you can play with friends. Zelda Breath of the Wild is the game we’re really holding our breath over, but rumour has it we’ll soon we’ll be able to play Mario Kart in an actual go-kart. Reports that there will also be real road made of rainbows are as yet unconfirmed, but we’re hopeful.

Rihanna is Harvard’s Humanitarian of the Year

Rihanna was the living embodiment of the sassy hair flick emoji this week when she accepted her Humanitarian of the Year award at Harvard. She opened she speech by saying, “So, I made it to Harvard,’ and then literally flicked her hair. Whadda babe. Rihanna was given the award for building an oncology and nuclear medicine centre to diagnose and treat breast cancer in Barbados, and founding a nonprofit that supports students from Caribbean countries who are attending university in the US. The spirit of Elle Woods lives on.

Happy Friday!

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