What sort of Netflix-er are you?

The world before Netflix was a sad and boring place; filled with ads for shampoo (blah) and cars (double blah). No one had invented the phrase ‘Netflix and chill,’ and people still actually bought honest to god dvd boxsets. Thankfully, those days are behind us and now we have days, weeks, hell YEARS worth of potential viewing options at our fingertips, there’s only one dilemma left to solve: what sort of Netflix-er are you?

Are you a hardcore Binger, a fickle Fader, a halfhearted Pick ‘n’ Mixer or a highly intellectual Connoisseur? Take our quiz to find out.

Where's your fave place to watch Netflix?

When you're looking for something to watch, you...

What's your favourite Netflix snack?

What show is Netflix currently recommending for you?

You see a series that has nine seasons. You...

What's your reaction to this screen?

Netflix are releasing Riverdale one episode at a time. You...

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