betty brunch: Sunshine food! Corn fritters and a sunshine playlist

Oh hey, I remember you! You big yellow orb of Vitamin D and freckles and happiness! I guess it is called Sunday for a reason.

Now as an Australian, I consider myself an expert in sunshine – the way Italians are the authority on pasta and British people get the final word about whether it’s technically drizzle or rain. So this Sunday, I’m playing my Australian card and bringing in some back up.

Bill Granger is one of our most beloved Australians, after Hugh Jackman, the Hemsworth brothers and Margot Robbie (you’re all welcome) and his corn fritters are the ultimate sunshine food. They’re delicious on their own, but add some bacon or salmon if you’re feeling a little fancy. You can get your hands on the recipe over at Recipe Tin Eats.

And when it comes to sunshine music, I’m happy to hand over responsibility for this one to the Beatles. Either listen to the whole Abbey Road album or just put ‘Here Comes The Sun’ on repeat all morning.

Happy Sunday!


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